Saturday, August 30, 2014

Man cried "Holocaust" as he physically attacked George Galloway

It is sad and unfortunate that Mr. Galoway was beaten by a 'Holocaust' hate criminal. One would hope that if anything positive is to result from this he might reevaluate this imagined 'debt' the West owes the 'poor Jews' since they clearly got their 'Holocaust' pound of flesh from him.

Note that this assailant wailed out in ('Holocaust') pain as he struck Mr. Galloway. Our 'uneducated' 'dark age' peasant ancestors would have seen this coming.

The wages of Judeocentric Holocaustimania. George Galloway was beaten by disciple of Holocaustianity.
George Galloway has left hospital after being treated for injuries he suffered in a street attack in west London.

"George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him," the spokesman said.

"It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust" ...

The MP suffered severe bruising to his head and appears to have broken some ribs, his spokesman said ...

Mr Galloway was interviewed under caution by police earlier this month over remarks he made about Israel.

After Friday night's attack, the MP made a statement at Notting Hill police station before being taken to hospital for treatment. He left hospital at about 06:00 BST.

He was feared to have suffered a broken jaw but the MP's spokesman said this was not the case.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed police had been called to Golborne Road at about 19:40 on Friday after a man was assaulted in the street.

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Anonymous said...

Here's the non-violent version of support for "Israel"

Liberals' darling Elizabeth Warren defends Israeli attacks on Gaza schools and hospitals

Israel has the right to shell Palestinian hospitals and schools out of self defense as long as Hamas stores rocket launchers next to them, US Sen. Elizabeth Warren said during a town hall meeting in Massachusetts this week.

Warren, darling du jour of American liberals, defended her vote to send more defense funding to Israel in the middle of its recent fierce offensive on Gaza, saying she believes civilian casualties are the “last thing Israel wants,” according to the Cape Cod Times.

"But when Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they're using their civilian population to protect their military assets. And I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself," she said....
Warren said Hamas has attacked Israel "indiscriminately.” Thanks to Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome defense system, though, those rockets have "not had the terrorist effect Hamas hoped for."

Warren supported Israel’s military aggression, justifying its use of force based on America’s “very special relationship with Israel.”

"Israel lives in a very dangerous part of the world, and a part of the world where there aren't many liberal democracies and democracies that are controlled by the rule of law,” she said. “And we very much need an ally in that part of the world."

Warren also expressed unease with conditioning future US funding for Israel on the cessation of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

"I think there's a question of whether we should go that far," Warren said.

.....US Sen. Bernie Sanders, American liberals’ other favorite among establishment progressive politicians, has also defended US funding and arms for Israel. At a recent tense town hall in his native Vermont, Sanders condemned Israeli targeting of civilians, but then defended Israel “in a situation where Hamas is sending missiles into Israel” sent from “populated areas.”

"This is a very depressing and difficult issue. This has gone on for 60 bloody years," he said. "If you're asking me, do I have a magical solution? I don't. And you know what, I doubt very much that you do." ....

Anonymous said...

I love George Galloway for his work for Palestine but he must stop paying his salaams to the "Holocaust" and to the "heroics" displayed at the Warsaw Ghetto.

Anonymous said...

I love George Galloway for his work for Palestine but he must stop paying his salaams to the "Holocaust" and to the "heroics" displayed at the Warsaw Ghetto. has cast some doubt on the latter based on the comments of one of its participants.

mchawe said...

George Galloway is a left wing socialist politician who is pro Jew, pro multiculturalism, probably an atheist, and gets mainstream media coverage because of it.
He is anti Israel's treatment of Palestinians, that's all.
Poetic justice!

Anonymous said...

The Holocrock is on its last legs. Won't be long now.

JMR said...

I agree with you mchawe. Galloway is part of the problem.Anyone who does not defend Catholic civilization is our enemy.

Cahokia said...

Galloway is not an atheist and is on the contrary quite hostile to the so-called "new atheism". Some people speculate he may have converted to Islam, but I don't think there's any basis to it.

Here's a quote from an interview where he addresses the question:

""Can we first address the basic suggestion that you are a Muslim: is that true?"

"The fact that there is such an infatuation with this," he replies, "speaks volumes concerning the attitudes to Muslims in this country. The proper way of framing that [question] would be as an accusation."

"I don't consider it to be an accusation."

"I accept that it isn't, from you. Other newspapers have voiced it as an accusation. Nobody would pursue an MP asking them if they were, er..."


"Yes. Or ask, 'Are you a Jew?' I have my answer and I won't move from it. I believe in God." (Galloway was raised a Catholic.) "I have always believed in God. I don't go into details of my faith beyond that. What I will tell you is that the New Statesman story is complete garbage."

Anyway, if you chaps can't find allies in people like George Galloway, then you're a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

I am with Cahokia. Galloway has pursued his cause for justice for the Palestinians by biting the bullet and burning incense to the Holocaust Deity. Since they cannot pin - and thereby undermine his work - "Holocaust Denial" on him, they send one of their goons to assault him, all the while shouting about the Holocaust. Hence, trying to put in the minds of the world that George Galloway is a Holocaust Denier. Cunning and crooked savages! I too am a Catholic. Before any of us pounce on George please let us go and ask Bergoglio why he pimps for the Synagogue of Satan and has even erected a shrine to the Holocaust Deity in the cathedral at Buenos Aires.

Anonymous said...

An American version of George Galloway

JMR said...

But don't you see that we have so much evidence of jews or their goy puppets and proxies taking up both sides of any dispute in order to mislead and disinform, that unless someone comes out against all jews and not just zionists, they are suspect? The neo-cons are a perfect example of this duplicitous behaviour.

JMR said...

I had thought that I had sent this comment before. I am sorry if I am repeating myself or if you hadn't thought my previous comment worth publishing.
We have enough evidence of jews positioning themselves or their gentile proxies on both sides of any dispute so they can control the discussion and confuse and misinform. Thus according to them, the Labour Party whose leader is a first generation immigrant Jew is anti-semitic because it supports Palestine and is for Muslim immigration.The 'left ' supported the bombing of Isil ( an Israeli funded organisation) to save some religious group called the Yazidis or something.The right want to use the same group to destroy Assad.
The one thing both 'left ' and 'right ' have in common is their war on Catholicism. Muslims have always been used by the jews to destroy Catholic and Orthodox societies, witness the invasion of Spain, Constantinople, the Balkans etc. For the jews, the time when Muslims ruled Spain is known as the golden period. Anyone who denies the Holocaust but defends Muslims is part of the misinformation campaign. If you defend Galloway then you have fallen for the lies. When Galloway exposes the fact that jews and muslims have always worked in tandem to destroy Catholicism and Catholic civilization, then he might have some credibility.
The biggest lie that the jews have managed to get away with is that they were not responsible for the bolshevik, communist revolution and that they even suffered under it , because of the so-called anti-semitism. Millions of Christian Orthodox and Catholic Russians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Rumanians, Poles and Gemans were slaughtered by the communists but the only victims were the jews!
That the Bolsheviks were jews was common knowledge before the second world war,see Agatha Christie and John Buchan but this fact has since been completely erased from history.The neocons play the same game in the States pretending to oppose the democratic left.The foreign policy departments of both Romney and Obama were both staffed by dual Israeli citizens.

Maurice Pinay said...

JMR, the man was physically beaten by a fanatical ideologue. The crime should be denounced and prosecuted.

That you choose this moment for hairsplitting debate on Galloway's politics, (which I don't agree with either, btw) is symptomatic of the sickness of 'our movement.'

I should hope that if you were to find yourself beaten in the streets that the 'good guys' among the onlookers don't take it as an occasion to debate your worthiness of consideration.

JMR said...

I certainly don't approve of the violence. I was just contesting the idea that he is an ally.

annely said...

I feel it is good that Maurice Pinay published your comment JMR and also responded to it. They both are interesting commentary and food for thought,,imho.

Maurice Pinay said...

Anyone who does not defend Catholic civilization is our enemy.


Well, good luck with that recruiting strategy for your war.

JMR said...

It is not my war. It is THE war.'Whoever is not with me, is against me'.
The whole of the known world was once Catholic. European civilization was built by the Catholic Church. I have obviously been mistaken about the purpose of your blog. From your blog title, I had assumed that your purpose was the defense of the traditional Catholic Church and the Catholic civilisation it founded, from attacks by jews, jewish communists, secularists, atheists and muslims. I am saddened to see that I was mistaken.

Maurice Pinay said...

Well then, we were talking about George Galloway being beaten by a Zionist.

Please carry on at one of the many places on the internet where the Catholic perfecti alternately pat and stab each other in the back and accomplish nothing for 'Catholic civilization' that "the whole of the known world was once," much less Christ.

JMR said...

I think I have the right to defend myself. Just because I abominate a religion and culture that promotes monotheism (like the jews),polygamy,female genital mutilation,the prefential abortion of girls,cousin marriage,the stoning of women for adultery,I am a Catholic perfecti?
I hope you don't mind my giving anecdotal evidence of what it is like to live surrounded by muslims. My sister, a middle -aged spinster lived alone in working class area that was gradually taken over by muslims . She was forced to sell up and move to a town in the extreme north of England because every time she left the house, she had to cover herself up completely, because if she wasn't covered up,the muslim men would spit on her and call her a whore.
My parents used to live in a typically English suburban road of semi-detached houses with front gardens and back lawns. In the summer, the road used to be a blaze of colour because the gardens were full of flowers and hanging flowering baskets. The last time I visited in the summer, the road was a desolate wasteland,the gardens had all been paved over and used to dump old cars and junk because Muslims and Hindus do not garden. A little thing I know, but it might give you an idea of what it is like to be a stranger in your own land.
I don't know how you can write a post about Doreen and Karen and at the same time defend Galloway, who promotes and defends muslim immigration. For me Galloway and his Jewish Zionist attacker are equally odious.
I am a pre-Vatican II Catholic and I remember what it was like to be a Catholic. I detest and abhor the sanctimonious,self-complacent,hypocritical,puritanical,so-called traditional Catholic sects because they are just as much an aberration as the Vatican II Church. Indeed with their obsession with modesty and women's clothing (instead of humility,charity and baptism) they are just as bad as the muslims and I have the impression that the misogynistic priests of these sects would be very happy to see Catholic women walking around in Burqas. I was shocked once to attend lecture in which Bishop Williamson praised muslim women for their "modesty"

Maurice Pinay said...

Galloway is typical of mind-bombed ethnic Irish in the Judeomasonic 'Brit-ish isles;' using their talents to fight others wars and can't be bothered to defend themselves out of fear of being called a 'racist', 'terrorist' or 'backwards'. Maybe if a Brit attacked them with a spiked ball and chain they'd react, but they're too busy patting themselves on the back for giving up their 'backwards' tradition and 'racist' ethnic cohesiveness (that they didn't realize they had until, among other things, the Judeosupremacist Romanian Israeli, Ronit Lentin took residence at Judeomasonic Trinity College to condescendingly inform them of their 'problems') to do anything for themselves collectively. They don't perceive the attack that comes in the guise of Judeomasonic 'brotherhood.'

You can indiscriminately make war with every soul that's been deceived by Judeomasonry if you like. You will loose. I promise you that. While you're loosing one battle the rabbis and bankers will be creating another golem to send after you, again and again and again. My 'war' is against causes, not effects.

I'll be focused on the ideology and money at the root of it all and trying to win back some of the deceived, many who obviously do have some residual thirst for justice, however misguided, as Galloway does. And I don't expect ideological perfection from would-be allies. Why would you attack George Galloway when he's attacking the Israelis? Correct his misconceptions but support him where he's right. You're laboring under a hyper-idealized black and white view of things that I'm assured will prevent you and anyone unfortunate enough to be swayed by you from accomplishing anything. Who qualifies as an ally to you? Can you name a few individuals?

Anonymous said...

Ronit Lentin is 70 years old. Isn't this past the retirement age at Trinity College, Dublin or at most places?

Anonymous said...

JMR what you describe as having happened to you, is something that is happening all across the world to people of all shades of colour.
The movement of people is much easier in our times, and with birth control practised ruthlessly in areas across the world, we have the situations that we have.
In Indonesia, for example,the pockets where Christians were in a majority have been overwhelmed by Muslims - for the two reasons stated above. You may recall that a few years ago these muslim immigrants turned with great brutality on the Christian communities - the original inhabitants of those areas - sending some of them into refugee camps. There are examples of these sort of things across the globe. Emigration and colonization are part and parcel of world history. I do not live in the West, but I too used to "labor under a hyper-idealized black and white view of things" ( I hope I have improved) which is a quick way to mental illness.

JMR said...

I don't know where you live, but for the ordinary Englishman on the street the biggest,the most obvious and the most immediate problem are Muslims. Anyone who defends or promotes Muslims,like George Galloway,is regarded as a traitor and he is apparently Irish to boot!
If someone like Galloway attacks Israel and the Holocaust,in the eyes of the average Englishman he is only REINFORCING the credibility of Israel and the Holocaust. The English person surrounded by hostile Muslims will only identify with poor little Israel surrounded by hostile Muslim states.
Until thirteen or fourteen years ago,I was as blind and ignorant as the average English person I had swallowed all the lies about the Holocaust and Israel. I,in common with most people,couldn't believe we had been lied to on such a scale. My awakening started when, after an absence of eight years, I returned to my home city to discover that it had literally been invaded by muslims. My initial researches in trying to work out what had happened, led me to sites such as "Gates of Vienna'and Auster who blamed nebulous "liberals" as the source of the problem. Auster, cheered on by his accolytes,concluded that the destruction of Western Civilisation was due to the activities of the Catholic Irish, who on emigrating to the USA, invariably voted for the Democratic Party.
But from comments posted on these sites I went to the "Age of Treason" blog and gradually discovered the real movers and shakers behind the destruction of Western Civilisation. I started reading up on the French and Russian revolutions, the first and second world war, the Muslim invasion of Spain, the so-called "Glorious Revolution",central banks and the debt money system etc. etc. The 9/11 and global warming hoaxes added impetus to the research. Do you think that the average Englishman is going to take the same trouble? I think that the average Englishman is only going to wake up when the debt money system collapses and he finds himself impoverished, without state benefits and with no family or community to turn to for support. Then he will cravenly bow down to any government that will feed him.Hasn't this been the intention all along?
I really admire and respect your work. As far as I am aware you are the only person doing it but I am afraid I will have to respectfully disagree with you about George Galloway. I think that at the minimum he is a useful idiot, but that diminishes his intelligence. Do you really think that Galloway does not know the history of Bolshevism, the origin of the House of Saud,the Franfurt School etc.?

Maurice Pinay said...

My opinion on Galloway is that he has excellent debating skills, recall of facts, courage and thirst for justice, however misguided and circumscribed. I don't believe he's an original thinker or a particularly deep thinker. This is the profile of a 'useful idiot' in my opinion. Aside from his outrage at the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, he stays well within Judeo-establishment defined boundaries.

It's disappointing that even after having been brutally assaulted by a man crying 'Holocaust,' he hasn't remarked on that fact (that the attacker was motivated by 'Holocaust' hatred) in his interviews since then. I find this silence of his even more remarkable than the silence of his fellow MPs on the attack in general which he has commented on.

We can disagree on Galloway's motivation.

Maurice Pinay said...

If someone like Galloway attacks Israel and the Holocaust,in the eyes of the average Englishman he is only REINFORCING the credibility of Israel and the Holocaust. The English person surrounded by hostile Muslims will only identify with poor little Israel surrounded by hostile Muslim states.


Galloway bows down to 'The Holocaust' even after being brutalized by a 'Holocaust' hate criminal.

For years I've been warning Europeans (at a British Catholic forum which has since been pulled down) that the Judaic establishment would use Muslim immigration to feign common interests. And European Right Wing nationalist groups have been allowing Chabad rabbis to speak at their rallies. They're apparently working with Ayoob Kara who has sworn 'Noahide' fealty to Chabad. This is disastrous.

It is to be expected that Judaic leaders will attempt to recruit non-Judaic manpower under the pretext of 'common interests.' They're a minority (by choice) which necessitates recruiting outside help to multiply their force.

It has to be understood that they're recruiting both Muslims and Europeans, playing both sides of the 'clash of civilizations.'