Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Antigoyite Israeli ambassador calls Irish protesters against Gaza massacre, 'heathen hordes; ignorant, anti-Semitic mob'

Offending and attacking its host country, plotting against activists, complaining about journalists and spewing racism on Facebook and Twitter.

You would think an embassy that has made headlines around the world for such gaffes would be an embarrassment to the country it represents.
Not so when it comes to the Israeli embassy in Dublin. It has just won an award for its online hasbara (propaganda) from the Comper Center for the Study of Antisemitism and Racism at Haifa University …

They also received recognition for “the recruitment of supporters and [Irish] citizens who are willing to identify with and protect the image of Israel.”

Wouldn't it be appropriate if this deluded self-chosen arbiter of correct non-Judaic response to Judaic savagery spent some time recovering from her psychosis in some other place than an embassy in Europe?

Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Ireland and self-chosen judge of critics of Israeli barbarism, Nurit Tinari-Modai

Israeli Deputy Ambassador calls Irish protesters an ‘ignorant, anti-Semitic mob’

ISRAEL’S DEPUTY AMBASSADOR in Ireland has launched a scathing criticism of certain Irish protesters as “ignorant [and] anti-Semitic with an intensely rooted hatred of Jews.”

Nurit Tinari-Modai was speaking recently on Israeli military radio Galei Tzahal, where she was asked to describe Irish public opinion of Israel’s actions in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Tinari-Modai responded by saying there were three groups.

The first two consisted of those who defend Israel, and the silent majority who have no opinion on the conflict.

The top diplomat, however, described the third group as anti-Israel activists who are “ignorant [and] anti-Semitic, with an intensely rooted hatred of Jews.”

Tinari-Modai accused this faction of burning Israeli flags and vandalising shops that sell Israeli goods, adding: “This is the mob standing behind the call for boycotting Israeli goods.”

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JMR said...

Aren't the Irish supposed to be punished for daring to be neutral during the 2nd World War. They are vicariously responsible for the Holocaust!

truthseeker said...

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The above is ancient Irish history
and the Blessing affirms no serpent shall live in Ireland.Question how did the Ashkenazi ambassador manage to get into Ireland since the Khazars are known as the Serpent People from ancient Khazaria now known as Ukraine? The Irish descended from the Tribe of Judah read the voyage of Zara.

Maurice Pinay said...

There have been Nurit Tinari-Modais in Ireland for centuries.

It's difficult to know for certain, but highly likely that 'Noahide' Royal Arch Masonry originated in Ireland. Some day, hopefully, we'll know more clearly to what degree this played into the abusiveness and corruption of many churchmen in Ireland.

annely said...

Just an aside, part of my family is Irish and generations anti-Semitic and not at all ignorant.