Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Having set Middle East on fire, 'Jews' seeking help to put it out with a hammer

They have the same plans for the West. Will you let them set your land and people on fire and then 'rescue' you by putting it out with a hammer? Your 'dark age,' un-'educated', television and iPhone-deprived peasant ancestors would have seen this coming from miles away.


A call to war?

Ronald S. Lauder's speech 'in defense' of Christians


Anonymous said...

Israel Attacks Gaza Relentlessly - Morris - We are all Gazans Now


annely said...

They Cover the World. They are again on a Call to War Tour. They also had scheduled their Influence Hungary-Kill Jobbik Urgent Gig. Jews have been everywhere doing their God(USes) Save the Christians bit. Lord have mercy Christ have mercy.. on people of goodwill we pray+. amen

Anonymous said...

Let us pray that Gilad Atzmon is right!!!


Anonymous said...

And if you disagree they hammer you too!
Galloway hospitalized after attack in London


British lawmaker George Galloway has been taken to hospital after being attacked in London.

Galloway was attacked by a pro-Israeli man in the western part of the city on Friday.

The MP was posing for a picture with some of his fans in Golborne Road, in Notting Hill neighborhood, when the attack took place.

Galloway’s spokesman said the attack appeared to be “connected with his comments about Israel,” as the attacker was shouting comments about the Holocaust. He added that the British MP sustained bruises as the result of the assault and was in "a pretty bad shape."

"George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him," the spokesman said.

The pro-Palestinian activist, who was taken to St. Mary's hospital in Paddington, suffered from a suspected broken rib and severe bruising to the head and face.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said, "Police were called at approximately 1940 hours to Golborne Road, W10, after a man was assaulted in the street. Officers attended. The suspect was found a short time later and stopped.”

“He was arrested on suspicion of ABH (actual bodily harm) and taken to the south London police station where he remains."

Earlier this month, Galloway was put under police investigation for making anti-Israeli comments and declaring his area of Bradford an “Israel-free zone.”

Speaking at a meeting of Respect Party activists in Leeds on August 2, Galloway slammed Israel for the massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and urged party members to issue a boycott of Israeli goods, services, academics and tourists.

The MP was also attacked and injured while campaigning in an open-top bus in London in 2008.


Maurice Pinay said...

I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Galloway was beaten. If any good is to come from this incident, one would hope he reevaluate this delusional "debt" that the West owes to the "poor Jews." It seems they got their pound of flesh from him.