Sunday, August 31, 2014

"No ties to Israel"

George Galloway's assailant, Neil Masterson "stands with 'Israel,' and salutes the IDF"

It's being claimed that Neil Masterson, the Zionist fanatic arrested for beating George Galloway while crying "Holocaust," "Has no ties to Israel."

These are the entities that Neil Masterson has chosen to associate himself with on his Facebook page:

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annely said...

Looks like he was tied to Israel by an umbilical cord. So why does Haaretz call him Catholic? Maybe, Maybe not. Either way I'm sure the article author has his reasons.

Anonymous said...

Jesus told them that their's was the Father of Lies, Satan.
Will this savage ever be convicted or will he tell the judge that he was merely flailing his arms in sorrowful remembrance of the Holocaust and that George Galloway walked into them?

MaryC said...

That is so funny. He is associated with 'Israel this', 'Zionist that', 'Jewish the other'. I also notice that he supports 'Britain First'. I doubt he sees a conflict of interests there.

Anonymous said...

Press TV talks to George Galloway on September 1st.

Anonymous said...

Masterson is Jewish ( and may have even done service with the IDF?)

Anonymous said...

Maurice Pinay, George Galloway (and others) seem to say that the CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS are the major part of the Zionism issue rather than the Jewish Zionist element which constitutes a "tiny part".This is perplexing. What does a Christian gain from Zionism?