Thursday, August 14, 2014

St. Louis County Police Chief learned "anti-terror" tactics at 'Anti-Defamation' League organized training program in Counterfeit Israel

UPDATED with correction and additional information on ADL/U.S. Justice Department collusion in police training below. The U.S. 'Justice' Department that will investigate Ferguson police brutality has paid the ADL grants to train those police.

We've been warning about U.S. police officers training in 'anti-terrorism' at ADL organized programs in Counterfeit Israel for many years HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and elsewhere at this space. And now these Counterfeit Israel trained cops are terrorizing U.S. citizens like Palestinians as a direct consequence.

People in the U.S. need to start having some self respect and expecting that the police do what we pay them to do, serve and protect us. We're a stronger lobby than the ADL, the rabbis and the banks when we do something. Peacefully but firmly demand and expect that the police in your area serve you and not Counterfeit Israel.

The next stage in this farce, Obama tells us that the holocausted, ADL complicit U.S. Justice Department will investigate holocausted ADL/ Israel trained police. There is no justice where such conflicts of interest and evidently bad faith exists. Don't let them buy time with their farcical self-investigation so that Counterfeit Israel can judge itself innocent again.

Demand an immediate end to all 'Holocaust' museum guilt trips for U.S. police and Judaic police training programs. Ask BDS activists if they're calling for this, and if not ask them if it's acceptable to them that we all be brutalized like Palestinians, because that is what should be expected otherwise.

Mr Obama has promised a full investigation by the US Department of Justice into the [Ferguson, Missouri] teenager's death, and the FBI has launched its own inquiry.
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Doug P. said...

Behold how stealthy the Zionist Jew is!!

Anonymous said...

Make it clear to all "preppers/patriots" that the FEMA camps will be guarded by thugs trained by the same Israelis.

Anonymous said...

The ADL is an anti-Christian, anti-American organization, and an unregistered agent of a foreign nation; they are all sayanims.

JMR said...

I've been reading about the Red Terror in Bolshevik Russia. The tortures that the Christians were subjected to were incredibly diabolical. What kind of mind even thinks up such horrors?
Do you think we could see a replay in the States? It seems incredible that they should be able to carry it out in this day in age, especially in a country with such a large population.
I am still distressed by what I read. I sometimes envy my friends and family who prefer not to know. Life would be more pleasant and less lonely.