Monday, September 29, 2014

Rabbinic guidelines for kosher execution of 'Kapparot' voodoo sin chicken ritual

Rabbinic guidelines for the 'humane' transfer of ones sins to a chicken by swinging it overhead and then sacrificing it in a deal with Satan by slitting its throat; a ritual commonly, believed by the dumb goyim to be 'not approved by the rabbis.' The dumb goyim also believe that this chicken, once filled with Judaic sins, is then given to some poor schmuck to eat as an 'act of charity.'


Kol Korei About Kapporos Signed By Gedolim Is Issued By Agudath Israel Of America


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Unknown said...

The Kapparot ritual should be enough to convince anyone that Judaism, especially when practiced as originally intended, is a depraved and idiotic religion.

"The sages of blessed memory" were heavily influenced by the concepts of black magic.

Sephir Casidim, Fol. 25 Col. 3:

"When a man wants courage to conjure the Devil, he should pray to God to prevent the Devil from doing him hurt. There are some who say, one should prostrate one's self before him (the Devil?) on the ground; for that he will not do any mischief to those who show him submission."


Emeck Hammelech - Schaar Kirjath arba, Fol. 108 Col. 2

"Those in the Sanhedrin were obliged to know the art of sorcery, to the end they might judge, which was a real deed, and which only a semblance."

Juchasim Fol. 17. Col. 1:

"The Sanhedrin had need to understand the art of sorcery, that they may discern right for what sorcery the sorcerer is to be adjudged to death."

"When one, on whom sentence had been passed, as an enchanter or wizard, had caused the light not to shine upon them (the judges of the Sanhedrin) they (the judges) put in use their necromantic arts, in order to destroy him."