Monday, October 27, 2014

Another undercover Chabad agent, Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard

"Be modern on the outside but Chabad on the inside"

For those with more time to write than I, here are some leads:

Some of Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard's above ground credential's are here:

He's involved in the 'Focolare' 'Noahide' ghetto movement recently honored by Pope Francis:
"The Holy Father said this in a video message sent on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Loppiano, a town located in north-central Italy, with some 2,600 residents from 70 nations.

The Focolare "little towns" were conceived by Chiara Lubich, the movement's founder, especially in a visit to a Swiss abbey in 1962 where she experienced the first intuitions of the idea of having "little towns" inhabited by the people of the Focolare Movement."

"…Loppiano… residents from 70 nations …" Rabbinic delusion has it that there are 70 'Goy' nations that must be converted to the 'Noahide Laws.'

'Noahide Law' subversive, Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard is involved in an 'Institute on Religion and Law' at nominally Catholic Fordham University. He was at Pope Francis' 4 day 'Catholic-Jewish encounter' at Castelgandolfo last year.

Blanchard runs a rabbinic outreach operation called 'CLAL' (probably symbolic of the yiddish "Klal Israel").

Below is video of 'New Age' Chabad trickster, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach speaking at one of countless eulogies for the dead Messiah of Chabad Lubavitch convert-to-the-'Noahide laws'-or-die-Judaism. Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard is shown seated behind him on the stage. Note that the peak of the eulogy is Carlebach's telling of the greatest works of the dead Messiah; how he saved some 'Jews' from marrying 'shiksas 'and converting to Christianity. The 'Messiah' of Chabad is on record as telling Judaic converts to Christianity that they're mentally ill. This is the real hate for Christ ["J.C."] and his followers veiled behind the 'dialogue' fraud. Orthodox Judaism is a religion of deception and hate.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I couldn't understand much of what Shlomo Carlesbach said during the video. All the 'isms' he threw out were obviously for the benefit of his audience, although he hardly looked at them throughout the fifteen minutes. He kept looking sideways. Can anyone stranslate?
I did catch the 'JC' reference and the one of his'jewish' mother (who shall remain nameless...chuckle, chuckle.)
He is a very obvious showboat and a poor one at that.
As an FYI - Newsday (Long Island newspaper) ran a 'story' on Oct. 19th regarding the expansion of the Lubavitcher meeting places on Long Island. This is the link although I'm not sure that it will work.

hereisjorgebergoglio said...

Gov. Andrew Cuomo invokes Sandy Hook when he receives Enduring Vision Award from The Elton John Aids Foundation

truthseeker said...

The Rebbe is involved and promotes the Focolare movement which goal is... "The same strategy is used everywhere: to bring fraternal love is the aim and also the action mode; the method, fraternal love remains the doctrine used to value the skills and competence of each person so forming a network of sharing for the common good.

So a community, which is a “people of God” was born, and through Him immersed in everyone’s problems that wounds can be healed in every city." This is Communism which is promoted by the Jews. Look at Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution that exterminated 60 million Christians! This shows "Pope" Frank is a Communist.

Maurice Pinay said...

truth seeker, I would suggest you're looking at causes rather than effects. If Francis was at root a principled Communist he would be preaching the austerity false Gospel to his Judaic billionaire brothers in the faith, but he most certainly is not; he would be preaching to the 'Jews' of Counterfeit Israel that the land belongs to everyone but he most certainly is not.

Certainly, 'Communism' has been a tool of the bankers and rabbis to relieve the masses of their property and funnel it into the hands of oligarchs who use the wealth to build Counterfeit Israel.

Karl Marx was a descendant of the Katzenelnbogen
Hasidic rabbinic dynasty, (as was Rothschild, Freud, Heschel, Schneerson, etc. according to The Unbroken Chain by Neil Rosenstein). Marx and his "Comuunist Rabbi," Moses Hess, despite what their writings for 'Goy' consumption suggested, were pro-Judaism Zionists. They merely saw the need to temporarily relieve 'The Jews' from the tedium of halakha so that they could better be involved in Communism, etc., relieving the 'Goyim' of their religion, traditions and property. They were 'modern on the outside but Chabad on the inside' so to speak.

If we look at Counterfeit Israel today, ever increasingly revealing itself as an Orthodox Judaic ghetto, we can see their plan coming to fruition. Communism is a temporary means towards this end, not the end itself. They intend to be Chabad inside and out at some point, and believe me, Goy existence will be worse than that of the people of Gaza if it comes about.

truthseeker said...

Maurice Pinay you are correct Mr.Frank is not a true orthodox Communist and Judas Iscariot was not a true disciple of Jesus Christ.The analogy is made that Judas and Mr.Frank have the same Spirit of Anti-Christ and despite the overwhelming proof evidenced to Catholics World Wide over a billion still are convinced in Mr.Frank's Papal Authority and the V2 Sect as the True Roman Catholic Faith.I ask in prayer when will The Holy Virgin crush the head of the Serpent hydra (Judaism)?

Anonymous said...

Zio-Frank the peacenik has not said a word about the Gaza blockade having not yet being lifted as it was supposed to. In fact nobody is bringing this up, not even UNRWA which claims that Palestinians in Gaza face a bleak winter. Not even the PA under Abbas. All agents of oligarch funded Orthodox Judaism intended to enslave us all.