Monday, October 13, 2014

Bill Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" equivocation was Susannah Heschel's idea

Washington D.C. 'Judeo-Christian' morality. God save us from this Synagogue and State curse:

Email from Lewinsky scandal: Clinton didn’t commit adultery under Talmudic approach

October 12, 2014

(JTA) — President Bill Clinton was not guilty of adultery with White House intern Monica Lewinsky by using a Talmudic approach, according to an email released by the Clinton Presidential Library.

The email, proposing a potential defense to the White House, is one of about 10,000 previously unreleased records that went public on Friday.

“According to classical Jewish law, President Clinton did not commit adultery; adultery is defined as a married man having intercourse with a married woman, and Monica Lewinsky is single,” said the email from Jan. 27, 1999, the New York Post first reported.

The argument was made by Susannah Heschel, a professor of Jewish studies at Dartmouth and the daughter of [attacker of Christian souls] Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. The email was sent to Hillary Clinton’s domestic policy adviser, Ruby Shamir, by Linda Commodore of Long Island.

The email ended up with White House adviser Sidney Blumenthal, according to the Post.

“From the perspective of Jewish history, we have to ask how Jews can condemn President Clinton’s behavior as immoral, when we exalt King David?” Susannah Heschel wrote. “King David had Batsheva’s husband, Uriah, murdered.

“While David was condemned and punished, he was never thrown off the throne of Israel. On the contrary, he is exalted in our Jewish memory as the unifier of Israel.”

NY Post - WASHINGTON — At the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, a senior aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton forwarded a far-fetched potential defense to the White House: a Talmudic interpretation that Bill Clinton wasn’t guilty of adultery [written by Susannah Heschel] ...

“At worst, President Clinton is guilty of the common sin of onanism [masturbation], a sin that probably afflicts the consciences of most Jewish men at one time or another” ...

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Washington D.C. 'Judeo-Christian' morality. God save us from this Synagogue and State curse: Amen to that prayer include the V2 Sect with the above. GOD send us ST.Athanasius to defeat this present