Friday, October 10, 2014

Meet 'Poor' 'Humble' Pope Francis' Chabad Oligarch Crony

Eduardo Elsztain [of Russian Judaic ancestry], "the richest 'Jew' in Argentina" is one of Chabad Lubavitch master-race Judaism's many billionaire oligarchs who made his initial killing in partnership with the hedge fund pirate and 'color revolution' fomenter George Soros [of Hungarian Judaic ancestry]. Among many other evil things [i.e. usury banker], Eduardo Elsztain is president of Chabad Argentina and a good friend of Pope Francis who participated in Francis' recent hasbara soccer game.

This writer has profiled Pope Francis as having East European yiddish tribal sentiments and behaviors, HERE, HERE and elsewhere.  This profile is only bolstered by new evidence almost daily.

The athletes and other participants in Monday's first Interreligious [soccer] Match for Peace say it was a "beautiful" experience that sent a message sorely needed in our times.

Pope Francis, who was the impetus behind the soccer game, met with those involved some hours before the match, in an audience at Paul VI on Monday.

ZENIT spoke with various of the participants following that event…

Eduardo Elsztain is [an oligarch] from Argentina, who [said] ... We support this initiative, and I think that coming here, making this trip, and having a personal interview with Pope Francis was very special."

He added that "we got to know [Pope Francis] from the many encounters he had with the World Jewish Congress, when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, where he had many meetings. We aren't just participating in this initiative [of the soccer match], but also we wanted to visit a friend. I believe that the Pope is behaving as a leader, he is someone who moves things, and this is a very valuable initiative. That's why my wife and I came here." ("Athletes Call Interreligious Soccer Match a 'Beautiful' Experience," September 03, 2014, Zenit, Deborah Castellano Lubov, H. Sergio Mora)

Full article:
Pope Francis "is someone who moves things" according to George Soros partner and Chabad Lubavitch oligarch, Eduardo Elsztain. Dear reader, rest assured that this Chabad oligarch would not be speaking so well of Pope Francis if he were not "moving things" the way Chabad wants them to be moved.

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hereisjorgebergoglio said...


Great post! You beat us to it. We will still post what we found on this unique relationship Francis has. Thanks & God Bless you.


Anonymous said...

What would Humble Jorge say about the way some of his friends in Tel Aviv objected to the presence of African refugees in the Chosen Land?

Anonymous said...

When I read this column by Rabbi Steinlauf I realised what they are doing in the Catholic Church with its new ecumenism and creation of a new universalist religion. I think the rabbi's discussion of Da'at - transformational knowledge and experience is something people create together.