Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pope Francis' 'Modernist' Hasidic attack on Catholic hierarchy and family

I would strongly suggest that anyone trying to understand what's behind the attack on the family in Rome become more familiar with Hasidic Judaism because the traditional Catholic analysis, which has for some reason been constrained and confined to permissible language of critique of 'modernism,' is woefully inadequate.

Last week we looked at the Chabad rabbi who Frankfurt School 'Modernist' 'Jew,' Erich Fromm said he studied the master race Tanya, Talmud and Maimonides of traditional Orthodox Judaism with, who Fromm said was the most influential figure in his life and whose ideas stayed with him throughout his career.


So the 'modernist' Frankfurt School's attack on Western hierarchy and family, titled, Studies on Authority and the Family owes much to Erich Fromm, whose ideology owes much to a Chabad rabbi.

Now, one must view this Orthodox Judaic influence on the 'modernist' Frankfurt School in the proper context of Orthodox Judaism's anti-universalist, two-tiered, 'Jew'-'Noahide' framework. It must be understood that the Frankfurt School's attack on hierarchy and family is not universal; it is not against Judaic hierarchy and family. The Chabad rabbis behind the curtain have been attempting to set up a patriarchal, hierarchical Sanhedrin in Jerusalem and encourage yiddish couples to have 13 children or more as their 'modernist' Frankfurt School golem has simultaneously been attacking Christian hierarchy and family. This is elementary to anyone with even the most basic understanding of tribal, master race, anti-Christ Judaism which has been at war with Christ and His followers ever since the rabbis' spiritual and ideological pharisaic forefathers conspired to execute Him 2000 years ago.

While I disagree with Kevin McDonald's evolutionary theory, his collection of facts on the Frankfurt  School is noteworthy and I recommend it. Particularly worthy of note here is the the 'secular' 'American' 'Jewish' Committee's sponsorship of the Frankfurt School's The Authoritarian Personality. Note that the AJC's ongoing critique of authoritarian personality omits the Judeo-authoritarian Lubavitcher Rebbe and Benjamin Netanyahu for instance.

"No one judges [Counterfeit] Israel," the rabbis say. The critique is for the goyim. The attack on authority is a ruse intended to destroy Western Christian authority and replace it with Judaic authority. If that project is completed, there will be no more anti-authoritarian revolution among the goyim allowed. Liberal revolutionaries should be aware of the bait-and-switch they've bought into.

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'Absolutes, Certainty lead to Darth Vader and Auschwitz, that much is absolutely certain'


Cahokia said...

Kevin McDonald's a tricky character.

His voluminous writings are a great resource, however - his work is ultimately motivated by and permeated with a virulently anti-Christian ethos.

White nationalists like McDonald are always willing to bread bread with Judaic supremacists if only the latter should meet them halfway. For example, McDonald once said he'd make a deal to give the "Jews" the Holy Land in exchange for keeping Muslim immigrants out of Europe. This trade only makes sense from an anti-Christian European nationalist standpoint.

Maurice Pinay said...

I haven't the support, resources or time to reproduce the research of a Kevin McDonald in a way that would satisfy traditionalist pharisees, and why should I?

Again, read the information and disregard the faulty analysis. Anyone whose faith is too weak to handle that probably shouldn't be reading here to begin with.

Christian said...

Wow, that is the missing link regarding the Frankfurt School reeducation and their rabbinical ferment of decomposition of Cristian Culture i have been looking for.Destroyers and mass-murder of mankind, ethnics that's what the supremacist talmudic chabadniks, rebbes, rambams and their secular collective jewish nationalistic race are.There aim is to dissolve culture, heritage, family and finally other races except their own.
Thank you for all your insightful essays.

Anonymous said...

After reading Douglas Reed's book 'The Controversy of Zion', it is pretty clear the OT forms the basis for the Judaical program of destroying all non-Jewish races.
Professor McDonald has developed that thesis in terms of an evolutionary strategy that has served jews well, as we can clearly see. McDonald is an ex-Catholic and is only anti-Christian because a large body of evidence points to the willing alliance of most Churches with the twin evils of Zionism and Cultural Marxism.

Maurice Pinay said...

Has Professor MacDonald also turned against government on the basis that most governments have been as cooped as the churches?

annely said...

Compromise is not that hard when you don't believe anything.

merdy said...

The link to Kevin McDonald on the Frankfort School

is now defunct and non-retrievable via the WaybackMachine