Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves.


Man cried "Holocaust" as he physically attacked George Galloway

"No ties to Israel"

Carer admits he repeatedly punched MP in street attack

Tuesday 16 September 2014 - The Herald

A JEWISH carer has admitted punching and kicking Respect MP George Galloway but denied that it was religiously aggravated.

Neil Masterson, 39, a former Catholic but who has converted to the Jewish faith, approached Mr Galloway while the MP posed for pictures with two Moroccan men in Golborne Road, Notting Hill, London, on August 29 this year.

He then punched the Bradford West MP repeatedly, and pushed away another man, Mostafa Maroof, who tried to intervene.

Douglas Adams, prosecuting, said: "He (Mr Galloway) was approached by two members of the public who were of Moroccan descent and wanted to have photographs taken standing with Mr Galloway.

"The defendant was seen running towards Mr Galloway. It was obvious that he was running to assault Mr Galloway, who says he heard the Holocaust mentioned.

"Mr Galloway was punched six or seven times before being hauled away. While on the ground he was kicked to the face."

Masterson, who said he was on his way to buy groceries, then walked away and got on a bus as the former Glasgow MP called police.

Mr Adams said: "Mr Masterson is arrested getting off the bus. He said to officers 'I just do not want him to think I am scared. Galloway is anti-semitic and I am Jewish'.

"The policeman who arrested him said Mr Masterson said many things in support of the state of Israel."

Mr Adams said that officers said Masterson had attacked the politician because he is "a serpent and a fascist". He said: "He attacked Mr Galloway because he was an enemy of judaism."

The former Department for Work and Pensions employee and one-time BBC manager pleaded not guilty to religiously-aggravated assault.

In the dock, Masterson pleaded guilty to one count of assault by beating Mr Galloway, and guilty to one count of common assault on Mr Maroof.

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Cahokia said...

We've been inculcated in the freedom of speech doctrine for generations.

But what's become apparent as of late is that Judaic partisans have precisely zero interest in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, etc.

Hate speech and hate crimes are one measure they use to restrict these freedoms. Holocaust denial laws are another.

The fact that this fellow has received no condemnation for seriously assaulting an MP is revealing.

It is a way of announcing to the untutored that the Noahide laws are now in effect in the West

Anonymous said...

"Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves."

And these are who the "Zionist Christians" call the "Chosen People"

truthseeker said...

Neil Masterson is showing his full conversion to Judasim. He demonstrates the doctrine of HATE and the lie of antisemitism. Pity his eternal soul! He allegedly had the Truth e.g. the Catholic Faith and discarded the Faith for a lie.
Could his conversion to Judaism be attributed to the Judeo-Masonic V2-Sect? The New Church that promulgates lies of Noah Hide Law, Holocaust,
Antisemitism,The Chosen People,our elder brothers in the faith. My opinion is Neil Masterson is exhibiting the modern Judeo- Christian ethos. Under the Noahide Laws these same "Christians" will be beheading True Catholics (Talmud) thinking they do GOD service!

Anonymous said...

He belongs to JSIL no doubt!

#JSIL: Activists come up with new ISIS-inspired name for Israel
The Jewish State of Israel in the Levant – that’s how some pro-Palestine activists are now referring to Israel. With the allusion to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), tweeters are enjoying sharing the joke.

Launched by journalists Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalek on Sunday, the #JSIL hashtag has become extremely popular on Twitter among critics of Israeli policies, reaching more than 5,200 retweets a day at its peak.

The new tag refers to the tactics used by the two states’ military forces, with destroyed homes and thousands of refugees among their consequences.

Journalist and activist Max Blumenthal was first to make an analogy between Israel and the Islamic State during a session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. Having no legal status, it calls itself ‘a Tribunal of conscience’, and has been working on finding a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since 2010.

From Twitter:

Nosferyahu @TerrinaMajnoona

Heartbreaking stories coming out from Jews radicalized by extremist clerics as kids to be recruited into #JSIL
6:23 AM - 30 Sep 2014
122 Retweets 65 favorites

truthseeker said...

“Jews observe High Holy Days in Catholic church”

October 6, 2014

Burt Constable

“The trickiest part about hosting Beth Tikvah‘s Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur in the sanctuary of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness is finding a discreet and sensitive way to hide Jesus.

From a suspended perch above the altar, a larger-than-life Jesus Christ reaches out from a clear, acrylic cross in Ernest Caballero’s magnificent “Cross of New Life” sculpture, which is the focal point in the Holy Family sanctuary. The sculpture, which cost $750,000 when it was unveiled in 1997, measures 16-feet-by-12-feet and weighs nearly 2,000 pounds. But that overtly Christian imagery doesn’t mesh with the most solemn of Jewish High Holy Days.

‘So we lower it as far as possible and then put a white screen over it,’ says Heidi Rooney, communications director for Holy Family.

‘My ancestors could have never imagined such a possibility,’ says Taron Tachman, rabbi of Beth Tikvah, a Reform Jewish congregation in Hoffman Estates that doesn’t have space in its building for the crowds drawn to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services. This Friday night and Saturday morning will mark the 10th year that Holy Family has hosted Beth Tikvah’s High Holy Days.

‘The fact that two religions are able to pray in the same sanctuary makes that space even more holy,’ Tachman says.

‘To have our Jewish brothers and sisters atone and ask forgiveness in the same space (as we partake in) the Eucharist on a daily basis, to me, these two thing are very powerful spiritually,’ says the Rev. Terry Keehan, pastor at Holy Family.”

to read more:

Tags: "Catholic", Catholic Church
V2 Sect truly is part of The Synagogue of Satwn

Anonymous said...

“Jews observe High Holy Days in Catholic church”

How many Jewish synagogues, or Islamic mosques, or Hindu temples allow Catholic worship on their premises? Is it none or none?.
The Catholic Church, is run at the top by assorted misfits. The Church Dependent (of the Third World) remains silent to every and all scandals as it holds out its begging bowl.

Anonymous said...

It seems like some other sections of the media want to muddy the "Israel"-Palestine issue. On Sunday.12th October, 2014 RT headlined that Israel and Palestine would work together over Ebola (!). On the same day PressTV headlined that more Palestine land was being confiscated for yet some more Judaic settlements.
Doesn't RT know that even if Ebola doesn't kill off Palestinians, the "Israelis" will?
Can't RT see that the PLO is a paid stooge of the Zionist entity?

JMR said...

Maurice Pinay said...

Is there even one JMR-kosher individual among the 7 billion?

Maurice Pinay said...

Besides himself?

JMR said...

My belief is that every single British politician is a puppet in the hands of Jewish/ Israeli paymasters. I don't understand why you should get so upset when I send evidence that Galloway might be another.Jews are experts at playing us.

JMR said...

I am suspicious even of Nigel Farage. I think he is providing a safety valve for the strong anti immigration anti- EEC feelings but if he does get any power he will do too little too late.
For me the British political system has been undermined for far longer than any other system. The Boer, the Opium, Crimean, and the two World wars were fought for jewish interests not those of the British.
The arch-traitor Winston Churchill had his profligacy funded by jews and was half jewish himself but in the eyes of the British public he is a national hero.

Maurice Pinay said...

JMR, there's more subtlety in the world and at this forum than you're apparently able to grasp. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a 'Jew' or agent of MI6. The world and its inhabitants are not all black or white. I still wonder if even your granny qualifies as a non-'Jew' or non-MI6 agent in your view.

As I've stated, I disagree with George Galloway in many areas but I'm not going to shrink from mentioning an attack on him for fear of the 'truther' pharisees.

You've distracted enough from the fact that a formerly Catholic convert to Judaism physically assaulted a British Minister in the streets and not a single establishment figure expressed concern. You have nothing to say about that. Rather you take it as an occasion to brand the victim a black hat-wearing enemy and pass along entirely unsubstantiated claims that he works for MI6.

This is not a platform for that kind of mercilessness and paranoia.