Wednesday, November 5, 2014

French Catholic 'Noahide' Aimé Pallière's work with JNF, WJC in founding Counterfeit Israel

This is critical, yet completely covered up information. Aimé Pallière (1868-1949) was a French Catholic who abandoned a priestly vocation and after floundering on a 'spiritual journey' for some time wound up a disciple of Rabbi Elijah Benamozegh and convert to the rabbis' 'Noahidism' contrivance. He then became two-fold a child of hell as Rabbi Benamozegh and dedicated his life to propping up Counterfeit Israel. And dear reader, contemplate this deeply, after remaining steadfast in 'Noahidism' and Zionist fanaticism for the remainder of his life he was buried with traditional Catholic last rites, well before Vatican II; as the foreword to his The Unknown Sanctuary observes, "… he achieves the further miracle of being able to adopt a new religion without breaking with the old. Never was a heretic less banned."

If you can understand this, then you can truly understand the 'modernism' that has happened to the Church.


The Daily Life of a Propagandist at the Paris Bureau of the Jewish National Fund (K.K.L.)

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Anonymous said...

The Noahides of Aholah, now have secured Washington DC, and ITSREALLYHELL.

Anonymous said...

God save the world!

Mark said...

Is the Catholic Church doomed, then? I appreciate all this information, but what is an ordinary believer to do? Some concrete suggestions would be nice. Should we cease to support local parishes, become "home-aloners", or what? Straight answer to the straight question, please.

hereisjorgebergoglio said...

Excellent post Maurice!

Going to repost it on Call Me Jorge.

We recall a book which we found interesting Elijah Benamozegh: Israel and Humanity by Maxwell Luria

Maurice Pinay said...

I appreciate all this information, but what is an ordinary believer to do?


As a researcher, I don't claim competence to give that kind of direction, especially not knowing the circumstances of the individual. I would point out that calamities of this magnitude are not without precedent, regardless of what most traditionalist believe. I find comfort in that fact and it helps to avoid the trap of mystical, apocalyptic thinking.

annely said...

Some people are not victims of mystical, apocalyptic thinking nor what they discern as false hope. Most of the Church supplicants are going the way of ecumenism and dual covenantism and Modernism. The Catholic Enterprise is not necessarily doomed but the Catholic Church in my opinion is. But you might take some other advice from Maurice Pinay. That is that people of weak faith probably should not continue to read this site.