Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dear Chabad

Dear Chabad,

You've spent the past week spreading your monstrous, ahistorical menorahs about our lands as a feel-good P.R. front for your genocidal, master-race, anti-Christ religion. We know that you're spending this  night, Christmas Eve, desecrating the Christian celebration of Christ's birth by observing the hateful, reactionary, rabbinic tradition of 'Nitel Nacht.' We know of your hopes to blot out the memory of Christ beneath a stark, 6-million-foot-tall menorah hastily built with materials from Home Depot. We know any overtures made by you to outsiders are in complete self-interest; that your most fundamental interest is to convert us to 'Noahide' subservience. No New York Times puff piece can beautiful your hate traditions. No 'secular' progressive front man can obfuscate enough to veil his service of your backwards agenda. In our time, your ghetto walls are as transparent as your ghetto tactics.

BBC attempts to legitimize the rabbis' mocking depiction of Virgin Mary for Christmas

A BBC documentary suggesting that the Virgin Mary was raped by a Roman soldier has provoked a deluge of complaints and been censured by the Vatican.

More than 500 viewers called to protest about the nature of the programme, making it the most complained-about documentary this year
Vatican spokesman Cardinal Martins Jose Saravia said: ' This was a programme that did not honour the BBC. It was silliness, old stories that every now and then resurface and that have never had any historical support. 'When space is given to these legends, the truth is twisted.' BBC faces fury for portraying Virgin Mary as rape victim

But Cardinal Martins Jose Saravia, these "old stories that every now and then resurface and that have never had any historical support" do have an indisputably documented historical source, the Talmud and Toledoth Yeshu of rabbinic Judaism; the tradition of the rabbis who you 'Noahide' Novus Ordo prelates keep telling us are our "brothers" and even "fathers in the faith."

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Christmas 2014, a bolshevik psychologist demonstrates the Hasidic root of progressivism by mocking the Virgin Birth by way of Salon and AlterNet:

Why rape is so intrinsic to religion

She has an acute sensitivity to Judaic fables however, suggesting that modern Zionist terrorists should be given slack because 'they personally dragged bodies out of gas chambers and buried them in trenches' (evidence, dear religious cynic?). This act of faith in East European peasant gas chamber fairy tales comes from a woman whose life's ambition is to trash everyones faith; all faiths except the only remaining religion in the agnostic West, Holocaustianity.

Consistent with the genocidal, anti-goyite agenda of 'Frankfurt School' progressivism, she labors to makeover abortion as a "moral, spiritual imperative;" "a blessing, grace, a sacred gift."

So in summation, this atheist liberal progressive is on a crusade to conquer Christianity and prop up Holocautianity with its holy sacrament of abortion in its place. Truly, she has no god but the rabbis.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The SSPX Macher's hexed Christ

Updated below with clarification 12/21:

Found by at SSPX Bishop Fellay's business partner Maximilian Krah's Instagram account:


On the matter of the occult meaning of the hexagram (as above, so below) Rabbi Abraham Heschel, (the Kabbalist who was invited to collaborate on a Vatican II document even after stating that he intended to attack Christian souls with 'Holocaust' guilt) admitted that Counterfeit Israel adopted this foreign, occult doctrine:

"In many places in the Zohar you will find the statement that the Holy and Blessed one created this world on the model of the world above: 'Everything that exists above is replicated below' (Zohar Pekudei 221a). In the opinion of the sages, the people brought with them from Babylonia the names of the angels. But we have not yet been able to discover the source of the [non-biblical] concept of the parallelism of the world above and the world below." (Abraham Joshua Heschel, Gordon Tucker, Heavenly Torah: as refracted through the generations, p.266)

The hexagram has no historical significant meaning to Christianity but it has been proprietary to pagan, occult traditions for thousands of years. The hexagram (and its underlying occult doctrine, as above, so below) was adopted by Counterfeit Israel and is now proprietary to Judaism, Zionism and Holocaustianity.

Maximilian Krah has repeatedly, openly, brazenly displayed his solidarity with Zionism, Judaism and the Israeli military to a degree unsurpassed by the most craven, ingratiating, Judaic-boot-licking U.S. politicians and Novus Ordo clerics. This is indisputably documented here:

The file on Maximilian Krah

To deny this glaring context to Krah's use of a hexagram is uninformed ignorance or willful ignorance, God knows which.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pharisee Pope Francis teaches for doctrine the contrivances of the rabbis

From Benedict XVI's favorite rabbi, Jacob Neusner (Judaism in the Beginning of Christianity, p.45)

Francis has delivered another sermon in which he chastises the common Catholic who is dismayed by radical changes in religion as "rigid" "Pharisees" (Pope Francis: Rigidity is a sign of a weak heart). This is an inversion of the Gospel of the Jesus Christ who chastised the Pharisees for their changes to God-ordained teaching which they replaced with their own made-up traditions, laws and doctrines ("teaching for doctrine the commandments of men").

Never did Christ speak to the common people, the victims of the Pharisees, with anything approaching the harsh judgement as He spoke to the Pharisees. Francis satanically inverts the Gospel with the luv and hugs he has for the rabbis (the direct religious heirs of the Pharisees, who are so rigid in their hateful rejection of Christ that Francis covers up his pectoral cross in their presence) and the harshness and palpable contempt he has for the common traditional Christian crushed by the Pharisees' heavy burdens.

But Francis really tips his anti-Christ hand when he follows up this shaming with a notion utterly alien to Christianity but germane to the hasidic ghetto:

“Even our life can become like that [ie Pharisaic], even our life. And sometimes, I confess something to you, when I have seen a Christian, a Christian of that kind, with a weak heart, not firm, not fixed on the rock—Jesus – and with such rigidness on the outside, I ask the Lord: ‘But Lord, throw a banana peel in front of them, so that they will take a good fall, and feel shame that they are sinners, and so encounter You, [and realize] that You are the Saviour. Many times a sin will make us feel shame, and make us encounter the Lord, Who pardons us, as the sick who were there and went to the Lord for healing.”

Here is Francis essentially saying that he hopes that the people who don't like radical 'Noahide' Novus Ordo changes will fall into sin and thereby "encounter the Lord." This notion is entirely foreign to Christianity, but to Hasidic Judaism it is of the essence:

Francis is teaching the essence of Hasidic Judaism and one of the root causes for the extreme depravity witnessed in every Hasidic community: that one must sin in order 'to come closer to God.'

Now, what's interesting about Pope Francis raising the example of Pope Pius XII in this context is that much of the groundwork for the 'Noahide' Novus Ordo revolution was laid during his pontificate. It was at this time that changes to the liturgy began with the alteration with the much hated (by the rabbis) Holy Week liturgy. It must also be noted that Pope Pius XII's confessor was Augustine Bea, who we have noted made it a personal project to get the rabbinic midrash the Poem of the Man God into circulation. Throughout The Poem ( a work which outrageously depicts Jesus Christ venerating the Pharisee Hillel) is the notion that "we sinners are more yielding to good" and that one should be "a big sinner" in order to repent.

But most telling of all is Francis' pharisaic rigidity with which he proclaims that it is "incomprehensible" that anyone would question "The Holocaust" unless they were insane. Here is rigid pharisaism par excellence.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Modernists" are really traditionalists, rabbinic traditionalists

"[Pope Francis] cares for me, and controls everything regarding my food to makes sure it is all kosher, and according to my religious tradition" (Rabbi Abraham Skorka)

Francis and fellow rabbis enjoy a traditional rabbinic kosher slaughtered meal at the Vatican Jan. 2014

Polish Jews will resume practicing shechita [rabbinic ritual animal slaughter] “immediately,” Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, following a decision by that country’s Constitutional Court to overturn a ban on the [talmudic] practice …

[Rabbi Menachem] Margolin [head of both the European Jewish Association and the Rabbinical Conference of Europe] cited support by members of the Catholic clergy and the government ombudsman for legalization as the fruits of his organization’s lobbying... ("Jewish ritual slaughter to commence as Polish high court overturns ban," Sam Sokol, Jerusalem Post, Dec. 10, 2014)

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Monday, December 8, 2014

A study in Pope Francis' selective mysticism

Pope Francis and Israeli interviewer Henrique Cymerman

Below is an excerpt from an interview of Pope Francis by Henrique Cymerman. Cymerman sets Francis up with a softball to slam over the ghetto wall; who murdered Christ?

Christ's murderer?

"Christ's murderers – that's one of the most difficult things. The Second Vatican Council, which convened in the 1960s, unequivocally rejected the claim that the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus. But anti-Semitism is a very complex problem, far beyond the religious dimension. It also has a political dimension. After all, anti-Semitism is more prevalent on the right than on the left. And it doesn't stop there. There are people who deny the Holocaust – still today. It's madness, but it happens. And it's incomprehensible."

See how Francis mystifies who murdered Christ ("that's one of the most difficult things" to answer), but states in absolute terms that it wasn't 'the Jews.'

Note how Francis mystifies the causes of 'anti-Semitism' ("a very complex problem;" in this case the Gospel truth that Jewish authorities and their followers pressed for Christ to be executed, which the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate, does, in fact, state, contrary to Francis' suggestion).

Note then how Francis states in absolute terms that "it's madness" to "deny the Holocaust" while mystifying the many justified causes anyone might have for questioning 'Holocaust' writ ("it's incomprehensible" that someone would "deny the Holocaust"). Note that in no case does Francis express such outrage that one would deny any Catholic truth.

And note how quickly Francis skips from his mystification of the murder of Christ to his absolutism on 'the Holocaust.'

What is the net effect of Francis' selective mysticism? It's hard to know who murdered Christ despite what the Gospel and 2000 years of Church teaching state absolutely on the matter, but it's insane to question what some imaginative East European peasant Yids claim happened during WWII.

'Modernism' is not arbitrary craziness as many traditionalist leaders mystifyingly suggest. It has a clearly discernible, absolute trajectory.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Expose' of Fatima Rabbi's hate cult

Fatima Rabbi, Mayer Schiller

From Failed Messiah:

A long expos̩ on the hasidic Village of New Square, New York shows that the Skvere Rebbe, Rabbi David Twersky, is running a cult [of which Fatima Rabbi Mayer Schiller is an emissary to 'the Goyim'] that uses draconian tactics Рsome clearly illegal Рto control the lives of his largely brainwashed followers. Even so, haredi leaders outside Skvere do not condemn Twersky's tactics or Twersky himself, and most were silent when one of Twersky's close followers tried to kill a local dissident and his entire sleeping family.

[Bishop Williamson, then a priest, of the] SSPX seminary in Ridgefield, CT invited [Skvere hasidic sect] Rabbi Schiller to speak to [the] seminarians on numerous occasions. And every time, the Rabbi reports, he was received with the utmost courtesy and respect. Once, a seminarian even addressed Rabbi Schiller as "Father". The seminarians held the Rabbi in such high regard that, before Archbishop Lefebvre was to consecrate several SSPX priests as bishops in defiance of Rome, they sought out the Rabbi to ask his opinion on the matter.

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