Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dear Chabad

Dear Chabad,

You've spent the past week spreading your monstrous, ahistorical menorahs about our lands as a feel-good P.R. front for your genocidal, master-race, anti-Christ religion. We know that you're spending this  night, Christmas Eve, desecrating the Christian celebration of Christ's birth by observing the hateful, reactionary, rabbinic tradition of 'Nitel Nacht.' We know of your hopes to blot out the memory of Christ beneath a stark, 6-million-foot-tall menorah hastily built with materials from Home Depot. We know any overtures made by you to outsiders are in complete self-interest; that your most fundamental interest is to convert us to 'Noahide' subservience. No New York Times puff piece can beautiful your hate traditions. No 'secular' progressive front man can obfuscate enough to veil his service of your backwards agenda. In our time, your ghetto walls are as transparent as your ghetto tactics.


%E~p:kdBWijwchy9 said...

OT: Merry Christmas!

annely said...

dearest Maurice Pinay, Happy Blessed Christmas.