Friday, January 9, 2015

With this week's installment of terror TV concluded, France returns to 'Liberté, égalité,' Holocaustianisme!


hereisjorgebergoglio said...

Keeping the masses in check & loyal to Holocaustianity! All terrorists shot dead & the the televised psychodrama at the Hyper Cacher (Super Kosher) grocery store lead up to how wonderful the Judeo-Freemasonic French government is.

truthseeker said...

How many Judaics were inside the KOSHER grocery store? I will take a wild stab at the answer and say 6 million!

Maurice Pinay said...

"How many Judaics were inside the KOSHER grocery store? I will take a wild stab at the answer and say 6 million!"


The worldwide media coverage and the media's 'non-judgemental' Pope's judgment on the matter would seem to suggest so.

In the same timeframe, exponentially greater numbers of people were killed by drunk drivers, etc., that no one heard a word about. A truly charitable pope would be working counter to the Judeo-establishment media's agenda and bring some proportion and sanity to the matter. Francis, rather, is near the forefront of their effort inculcating insanity, making the Judeofascist establishment appear to be victimized and that this is the most noteworthy item in the universe.

One need only observe that when the Israelis were turning thousands of Palestinian homes to rubble, bombing hospitals and schools and shooting children in the head in the Gaza concentration camp only 6 months ago Francis never used the word "cruelty," "state-sponsored terrorism" or any such language to describe the Israeli's savage cruelty and terrorism. He did invoke this strong, judgmental language in reference to the Paris event, however.

So 'humble' 'merciful' Francis' underlying message is loud and clear; he is nonjudgmental of 2100 dead and hundreds of thousands of homeless Palestinian victims of Israeli state-sponsored terror, but 12 dead activists for the Judeomasonic agenda gets a clear, specific condemnation from him.