Monday, March 9, 2015

Where's your cross, Cardinal Dolan?

On Mar 3, 2015 Cardinal Timothy Dolan joined Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein for 'dialogue' at the 92nd St. Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association (92nd St. Y), a place where Judaic 'dialogue' fraud regularly takes place, and this particular meeting was no exception which should be obvious at first glance at the image above, but unfortunately it's not recognized by far too many people.

A person with no knowledge of Catholicism could be forgiven for wondering if that long, bare chain visible on Timothy Dolan's corpus signifies a love of gaudy gold. Such a viewer would have no reason to know that, in fact, there's a large cross attached to that chain which is not visible because Dolan tucked it into a pocket behind his coat lapel to keep it hidden from view of Rabbi Rubinstein and the largely Judaic audience.

A person whose understanding of Catholicism has been shaped by Novus Ordo and other mainstream establishment sources might believe the hidden pectoral cross is a 'necessary gesture of sensitivity to the memory of Christian persecution of Jews over the centuries beneath the shadow of the cross' after having such rubbish pumped into their heads for decades.

Without a venture beyond the narrow Holocaustian establishment framework of history, such a person would have no way of knowing that Judaic hatred and persecution of Christians began with pharisaic hatred of Christ Himself which has been uninterrupted for 2000 years, ever since the founders of Judaism, the Pharisees, arranged to have the Romans crucify Christ, stoned the first Christian martyr St. Stephen to death, expelled Christians from the synagogues, forbade them from preaching Christ to both Jew and Gentile and contrived a curse against Christians at Jamnia in 90AD as a mandatory loyalty oath and means of weeding out Christians from the synagogues.

This curse against Christians ("And for Christians let there be no hope, and may all the evil in an instant be destroyed and all thy enemies be cut down swiftly; and the evil ones uproot and break and destroy and humble soon in our days.") has been codified Orthodox Judaism since 90AD when Christians were the powerless minority. This curse against Christians has ever since 90AD been among the daily 'benedictions' that Orthodox 'Jews' must pray three times every day. So to say that Judaic hatred of Christianity is based in fear of persecution is disingenuous, calculated misdirection. Judaism's hatred of Christianity is based in Judaic persecution of a powerless minority religion, Christianity, at its very founding.

Moreover, to believe that in the upper east side of Manhattan, where the photo above was taken, 'Jews' live in fear of Christian persecution, is ludicrous.  Quite obviously, Judaism is hateful of Christ and His true followers regardless of whether Judaism is strong and Christianity is weak, vice versa, or anything in between.

So we're  faced with the reality that Rabbi Rubenstein and Cardinal Dolan's 'dialogue,' and indeed, all Christian-'Jewish' religious 'dialogue' between the 'brothers in the faith' and the entirely unreciprocated  Christian concessions forthcoming are complete, calculated fraud. As Rabbi Rubenstein said elsewhere, "there is no way to overcome the essential differences between Judaism and Christianity. Christians believe in Jesus as the Christ. It is the core of their faith." And nominal Christian Timothy Dolan covers up the core symbol of Christian faith in Rabbi Rubenstein's presence, just as Pope Francis covered up his cross in the presence of the Chief Rabbis of the nuclear-weapon-armed Israeli state, as so many other Catholic prelates have hid their crosses among empowered 'Jews' for decades.

The rabbis understand very well the fact that Christianity and Judaism are essentially irreconcilable. The dialogue has never been about reconciliation between the two. It's only meant for the preoccupied Goys to believe this is so, to buy time for the fraud to continue. When the rabbis talk about 'dialogue' to their own communities they don't say they're reconciling with Christians. No, the rabbis talk about how much the Christians have changed; how they changed their doctrine, liturgy, prayers, teaching materials; all the grand gestures of repentance and submission that Christian leaders have made towards 'the Jews.' In other words, the rabbis are telling their flock that the 'Christianity' of our time is something different. It's not the same thing preached by Christ and the Apostles, hated so much by the founders of rabbinic Judaism that they arranged to have Christianity's founder, Jesus Christ, crucified.

The photo above is evidence that this pharisaic/rabbinic hate of Christ is still very much alive today even in the midst of seemingly pleasant 'dialogue.' The Pharisees' ideological heirs, the rabbis, are heirs to the same hatred. Why is this? Because so many of those who saw and heard Christ's message directly were compelled to follow Him. Christ's Good News for the people was very bad news for the Pharisees. The Pharisees were loosing the sheep who kept them in business. It remains as true as ever that when given a fair hearing, the unfiltered message of the Gospel is more attractive than the message of the Pharisees. Without extreme manipulation, a large percentage of people of every background tend to hear the truth in the Gospel. This is highly problematic to the rabbis.

The image above is a symbol of the state of Christianity today. Cardinal Dolan hiding his cross in sensitivity to the rabbis' ancient hatred of Christ is a micro example of the macro whole. Nominal Christian leaders preach 'Christianity' in a manner that is sensitive to ancient rabbinic hatred of Christ. It has nothing to do with redressing wrongs of the past.

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hereisjorgebergoglio said...

More bilge from Dolan.

A Beautiful Public Observance of Faith

Maurice Pinay said...

A devious hasbara piece for a tribal crime syndicate masquerading as a religion.

annely said...

still and surely always will find this deference to deniers of Christ excruciating and shameful. Will Our Lord say I know you not...