Friday, April 3, 2015

Rabbinic Judaism is a deicide religion

Contrary to its claims to eternal victimhood (and made-for-Goyim docudramas), Rabbinic Judaism testifies against itself as a Deicide religion. The rabbis of the Talmud take full responsibility for the execution of Jesus Christ, fully clearing the Romans of all responsibility. This is the codified teaching of Orthodox Judaism from the Babylonian Talmud:
On Passover Eve they hanged Jesus of Nazareth. And the herald went out before him for forty days: 'Jesus of Nazareth is going out to be stoned because he practiced sorcery, incited [to idol worship] and led Israel astray. Whoever knows an argument in his favor should come and argue on his behalf.' But they did not find an argument in his favor, and they hanged him on Passover Eve ... Jesus ... had close connections with the non-Jewish authorities, and those authorities were interested in his acquittal. Thus it was necessary to give him all the opportunity to clear himself, so that the justice of his conviction not be challenged ... Was Jesus of Nazareth deserving of a search for an argument in his favor? He was an inciter, and the Torah (lit., "the Merciful") says: "You shall not spare, nor shall you conceal him"! (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 43a, Steinsaltz edition, Vol XVII, Part III)
While he was American Jewish Committee National Director, Steven Bayme (Ph.D, Professor of history at Yeshiva University) stated this obvious truth which was almost immediately censored from the AJC website but still preserved at This censorship comes from the same AJC which spared no dirty trick (HERE, HERE, HERE)  in scheming to have the Second Vatican Council document Nostra Aetate condemn 'the charge of Deicide:'
... the Talmud is here offering a subtle commentary upon Jesus' political connections. The Gospels portray the Roman governor Pontius Pilate as going to great lengths to spare Jesus (Mark 15: 6-15) … the Talmudic passage points in the same direction ...

... the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans. In all likelihood, the passage in question emanates from fourth-century Babylon, then the center of Talmudic scholarship, and beyond the reach of both Rome and Christianity. Although several hundred years had elapsed since the lifetime of Jesus, and therefore this is not at all a contemporary source, the Talmudic passage indicates rabbinic willingness to acknowledge, at least in principle, that in a Jewish court and in a Jewish land, a real-life Jesus would indeed have been executed ... Jewish apologetics that "we could not have done it" because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account ... ("Jesus in the Talmud," Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

The very fact that the Talmud's claim of Jesus' closeness to the Roman government reflects some knowledge ... of the New Testament narrative, particularly of of John's version of it ... this detail exonerates the Roman government from the blame of Jesus' condemnation and consequently, adopting the Gospels' message, puts the thrust of the accusation on the Jews ... What we then have here in the [Babylonian Talmud] is a powerful confirmation of the New Testament Passion narrative, a creative rereading, however, that not only knows some of its distinct details but proudly proclaims Jewish responsibility of Jesus' execution. (Jesus in the Talmud, Peter Schafer, Princeton University Press, pp.73-74)

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gilad Atzmon has found his rabbi

Gilad Atzmon writes:

For a while I have been arguing that unlike the duplicitous Jewish progressive discourse, it is Jewish orthodoxy’s opposition to Zionism that presents the only Jewish principled, ethical collective stand against Zionism and Israeli evil...

A week ago I met the inspiring Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro in a kosher deli in Manhattan. The meeting was arranged by my dear friend and New York radio host Tom Kiely who joined us...

I was thrilled to find out that Rabbi Shapiro was familiar with my thoughts. He has read ‘The Wandering Who.’ He was fully aware of my criticism of Jewishness. Our thoughts on the situation were pretty much in line...

Gilad Atzmon is a seemingly good-willed self-described 'former Israeli,' 'former Jew,' musician and activist against certain symptoms of the religion of Orthodox Judaism who evidently has a soft spot in his heart for the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism. This respect for the rabbis was only hinted at in Atzmon's writings and videos until this recent endorsement of the 'true torah Judaism' of Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro. This endorsement reveals an astonishing degree of contradiction and confusion in Atzmon's professed ideas.

Gilad Atzmon's rabbi, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro is a Talmid Muvhak (chief disciple and student) of, and ordained by Rav Schneur Kotler. Rav Schneur Kotler was the Head of the Haredi Lakewood Yeshiva (Beth Medrash Govoha or BMG) in Lakewood, New Jersey for 20 years until his death in 1982. The Lakewood Yeshiva was founded by his father Rabbi Aharon Kotler.

Lakewood Yeshiva is one of the largest, most respected (among Orthodox 'Jews') yeshivas in the world and the Judaic ghetto of Lakewood surrounding it manifests all the fruits of Orthodox Judaism one would expect; rampant corruption, Judeo-supremacism, anti-Goyism, deviousness, fraud, ignorance, superstition, squalor and depravity.

It's far beyond the scope of a blog posting to accurately portray the monstrous evil, hatred and predation of non-Jews which exists in the Orthodox Judaic ghetto of Lakewood which is informed by the Orthodox Judaism of Gilad Atzmon's rabbi, Yaakov Shapiro, a disciple of the Lakewood Rav. One can scratch the surface of Lakewood depravity HEREHERE, HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE. Also, please read An Orthodox Final Solution.

From Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded Edition, by Michael A. Hoffman:

Atzmon writes:

"Unlike the Zionist and ‘anti’ who seem devastated by me turning my back on the Jews and Judaism, Rabbi Shapiro didn’t show any remorse from my drift away."

In fact, Rabbi Shapiro is the head of an organization called Project ReJewvenation which drags 'rebellious Jews' back to the ghetto HERE.

In his essay, Atzmon contrasts the 'secular Jewish' Frankfurt school as an evil against which 'ethical' 'principled' Orthodox Judaism should be favorably viewed. Atzmon seems oblivious to the fact that the central Frankfurt School figure, Erich Fromm, was a descendant of rabbinic families on both his mother and father's side and was a disciple of Chabad Rabbi Salman Baruch Rabinkow who Fromm said, "influenced my life more than any other man:"

I was [Chabad Rabbi Salman Baruch] Rabinkow's student for about five or six years and, if I remember correctly, I visited him at that time almost daily. The bulk of the time was occupied studying Talmud, the rest with studying certain philosophical writings of Maimonides, the Schneur Salman's Tanya, Weiss's Jewish History and a discussion of sociological problems. He took great interest and was very helpful in my doctoral dissertation. Rabinkow influenced my life more than any other man, perhaps, and although in different forms and concepts, his ideas have remained alive in me.  (Frankfurt School 'secular Jew,' Erich Fromm)
Erich Fromm's Rav, Chabad Rabbi Salman Baruch Rabinkow 

Atzmon often states in his testimonials a key to his transformation was his appreciation for, and realization that pioneering black Jazz musicians were more talented and accomplished than 'Jews' who he was taught as a child to believe were better than everyone else. Orthodox Judaism authoritatively teaches that black skin is a curse of servitude and that Noah's son Ham's progeny was cursed with dark skin because, inter alia, he had sex with a dog. The codified teachings of Orthodox Judaism were used by Judaic slave traders and their rabbis to justify their profits from the black slave trade, a fact well documented by Dr. Tony Martin:

Gilad Atzmon often criticizes Judaic progressives for 'speaking universally but behaving tribally' which is often a justified criticism. How can Atzmon reconcile this criticism with his admiration for the double-standard bearing rabbis who concocted tribal Orthodox Judaism for 'Jews' only and a lower-tier, subservient religion called 'Noahidism' which they mandate must be accepted universally by non-Jews?

The rabbis of Orthodox Judaism authoritatively teach that all non-'Jews' must be proselytized to accept 'Noahidism' or die. The Orthodox rabbis of Chabad Lubavitch recently followed in the wake of the 'secular' Israeli military into Gaza to distribute pamphlets to the massacred people there explaining that unless they convert to the 'Noahide laws' they have no right to live. There is no room for light to pass between these Chabad tribal savages and Atzmon's rabbi, Yaakov Shapiro on this 'Noahide' teaching of Orthodox Judaism.

For all Rabbi Shapiro's 'anti-Zionist' bluster, the truth is that his policy, which he aggressively advocates to fellow 'Jews,' is that the Haredim should be seizing power from the 'secular Jews' in Counterfeit Israel:

Frum [observant] Jews need to join the [Israeli] government and use whatever leverage the frum community has at its disposal to prevent bad decrees and to ensure the rights and the flourishing of the frum community. [Gedolim, i.e. the most revered rabbis of the age] held that joining the State was the best way to oppose Zionism and its bad effects ... the best way to fight [secular Zionists] is to join their State and make sure they don't do more damage than necessary. (Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro writing as moderator of his 'Jews with Questions' web forum)
Further, the 'ethical principle' behind Rabbi Shapiro's opposition to 'secular Zionism' is not any humanitarian concern for the Palestinian people but entirely Judeo-centric concern that the increasingly unveiled barbarity of the 'Jewish' state will be associated with 'Jewishness' and Judaism by 'the Goyim:'

The main reason for protests against anti-Torah actions of the Israeli government is in order to counter the impression that the non-Jewish world (and unfortunately the ignorant part of the Jewish world too) has, that the actions of the Stat [sic] of Israel are associated with Jewishness, the Jewish people, or Judaism. People think that Israel represents the Jewish people, and that is a terrible misconception - and a terrible Chilul Hashem - purposely perpetrated by the Zionists. (Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro writing as moderator of his 'Jews with Questions' web forum)

How is this self-serving activism any different than that of Mondoweiss which Atzmon rightly condemns? 'Anti-zionist' 'True Torah Jews' and 'progressive Jews' of Mondoweiss wear different costumes but they play the same tribal warfare game. They tell us the ridiculous lie that the self-chosen 'Jewish' state has nothing to do with Jewishness or Judaism. They're P.R. con men; 'Jews' shielding Judaism from responsibility for its catastrophic crimes once again.

Gilad Atzmon recently proclaimed "we're all Palestinians." Indeed, the non-Judaic common people who live in the vicinity of the Lakewood Yeshiva and all of the metastasizing Hasidic ghettos of the 'West' are living more and more like Palestinans just as the common people unfortunate to have a Judaic ghetto in their midst have been treated like Palestinians for centuries.

Alas, another 'successful' resistance entity leading followers to the ghetto.

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