Sunday, May 31, 2015

'Holocaust' proselytization now mandatory at Budapest Catholic University

[The famed Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest], Hungary has made a course in Holocaust education mandatory for all its students in what supporters have called the first initiative of its kind in Europe...

From September students at what is Hungary's main religious higher educational institution must take a course titled "The Holocaust and its memory".

[The university's rector, Szabolcs Szuromi said] that the idea has been sparked by recent remarks by Israel's ambassador in Budapest Ilan Mor. He said that Holocaust education was the key to preventing anti-Semitism. [Ilan Mor is a former foreign policy advisor for the 'Israel' 'Defense' Force state-sponsored anti-goyite terror organization. He's also a shliach (proselytizing missionary agent) for Counterfeit Israel's Yad Vashem Temple, the Vatican of Counterfeit Israel's religion for 'the Goyim,' Holocaustianity]. ("Hungarian Catholic university makes holocaust education mandatory amid Anti-Semitism," Stefan Bos, Vatican Radio, May 30, 2015)

To sweeten the proselytization to apostate Holocaustianity, Counterfeit Israel Ambassador Ilan Mor has dangled business 'deals' with Counterfeit Israel as a carrot:

Ambassador [Ilan Mor]: Israel “wants to do business”

This, among other ways, is how Counterfeit Israel intends to exploit Hungary, via these business 'deals' while mentally and spiritually enslaving the people of Hungary with Holocaustianity:

Counterfeit Israel Ambassador Ilan Mor: "I definitely see agriculture as the main point of expansion of our bilateral relation ... I have learned that Hungary has good soil, a good amount of sunny days and is able to generate excellent agricultural produce. [Counterfeit] Israel can offer some of the best [GMO counterfeit and chemical] agro-technologies and water management solutions [stealing it, etc.] available. In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to call on all Hungarian investors looking into agriculture to make Israel their destination. If they need help, they can just call me. I’m confident that we can seal concrete deals in the near future."

Read about the Hasidic con-man from Hungary (formerly Transylvania) Elie Wiesel and his French Catholic homosexual enabler at the genesis this mental, spiritual and material rape of Hungary:

Holocaust High Priest: Elie Wiesel, "Night," the Memory Cult, and the Rise of Revisionism


annely said...

M.P. I remember your Post about the onslaught of the various Jewish Brigades including WJC and even the honor of Ronald Laudner attending to head off a possible Jobbikish mindset taking hold. And here we are.

Anonymous said...

Here they go again. It's the same fraud, different day.
As one of MP's previous blog posts delineates, the Talmudic rabbis have long wanted to destroy Christian souls in order that they no longer knew their religion, that they no longer would care about their glorious patrimony, culture and civilization, and so that they would no longer recognize the enemy or even care to or lift a finger to fight the enemy. In fact, the new "Christian' battle cry was to be, "Can't we all go along to get along?"

This plan and agenda was not only endorsed and green-lighted by, but was given the greatest overt assistance by so-called Catholic (sic) Cardinals and Popes beginning with "Good Pope John XXIII" aka Roncalli the Judeophile/Mason/Communist. It was the entire raison d'etre for Vatican II, aka the Apostate's Judeophiliac Council and was the death-knell of the institutional Church. Yes, as Mr. Michael Hoffman's upcoming book will discuss, Popes in earlier centuries slowly lifted sanctions against usury and got in bed with the money powers beginning in 1515, with Pope Leo X (Lorenzo dei Medici) By 1917 the Code of Canon Law didn't contain any ecclesiastical penalties for usury. So, the die was cast.

It sounds like Hungary may want to take a look at what happened in Ukraine during the Holodomor before they accept the ragged carrot being offered to them. Talmudists always 'repay' their benefactors well, just as they did Germany and now the Vatican. How soon will it be before the Unites States is repaid?

annely said...

This past week a Muslim "preacher" in France is suggesting that abandoned Cathedrals be turned into (M)osques and the "Christians" and the Bishops Conference are responding Oh, okay.