Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Neocatechumenal Way "reflects on the salvific mission of 'the Jewish people' before today's world"

A reflection of 'the Jewish people's' self-salvific mission in today's world:

Gazan victims of the Judaic self-salvific mission were recently informed that if they don't convert to 'the Noahide Laws' they have no right to live HERE

Philly-Area Rabbis [of Deicide Judaism] Travel to [Counterfeit] Israel as Guests of Catholic Church

MAY 4, 2015

Amishai Gottlieb - Jewish Exponent

Several area rabbis are in Israel this week to participate in an international meeting between rabbis, cardinals and other leaders from the Catholic Church.
The conference is taking place in the Galilee region of northern Israel and is being sponsored by the Neocatechumenal Way, a faith-based educational group that operates under the auspices of the Catholic Church.

In a news release, the group cited the need “to reflect on the salvific mission of the Jewish people and of the Catholic Church before today’s world,” as the impetus for the event.

At least five local rabbis are taking advantage of the offer to participate in the mission, whose expenses were being covered by the Catholic group. Those rabbis include Vivie Mayer, a teacher at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College; Albert Gabbai of Congregation Mikveh Israel in Center City; Howard Addison, soon to retire as the rabbi of Melrose B’nai Israel Emanu-El in Cheltenham; Lewis Eron, director of religious services and Jewish community chaplain at Lions Gate, a retirement community in Vorhees, N.J.; and Robert Tabak, a staff chaplain at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

"I am excited about the program and I am looking forward to meeting with the Catholic priests and bishops to share our views on issues that concern all people of faith,” Eron wrote in an email before flying off to Israel. He added that after the trip he will head to Washington, D.C., to attend a conference on the Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate, at Catholic University. "By the end of the month, I will be a real expert on the Roman Catholic Church."


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Anonymous said...

Please share the Recent Conference at AFP with Texe Marrs DNA Science and The Jewish Bloodline.
Share it with everyone at your studies, say the sinners prayer its still not to late.

truthseeker said...

Christians who attempt to combine Christianity with Judaism are into
witchcraft said the Apostle St. Paul
Galatians 3... Texe Marrs.
I agree with St.Paul and also think St.Paul would be excommunicated from the New Church,Vatican 2 sect.

truthseeker said...

Excellent video,very informative.
Michael Hoffman shows us that we live under Talmudic Justice.All are equal,but some are more equal than others!

Anonymous said...

Robert Martin. Palestine - exposing Israeli brutality


LeonG said...

I know the NCW from the inside having observed its catechesis and membership for a couple of years. Definitely heretical, naturally by definition de facto schismatic and potentially detrimental to any parish in which it imposes itself, especially with the support of the local parish priest.

I gave evidence and attended parish meetings concerning the NCW in the Diocese of Clifton in the 1990s which eventually banned the movement installed in and destroying the harmony of three of its parishes.

It demonstrates amply the extent to which the neo-Conciliar church has judaised: it is utterly disorientated. I recall one of its young priests riposting to one of my references to Our Blessed Lady with, "Don't give me any of that old bullshit". I'm sure any Talmudic Rabbi would have applauded him for that remark.

LeonG said...


annely said...

I can't help but believe that that kind of talk is rather usual one on one talk between higher synagogue rabbis and Church high episcopate. For some reason I was thinking about this recently.