Monday, May 18, 2015

Such a deal!

"... life as a Noahide is an end in itself, a way to be partners--if not quite equals to the Chosen People..."



Sandra said...

The Girl Scouts are now a tool of the sodomite agenda. They are admitting boys who are dressed as girls.

truthseeker said...

NOAHIDE..."most, are former Christians who've turned away from the faith". Chief among those that have denied the Faith is Ber-GOG-Lio other wise known as "Pope Francis". This magician is promoting the New Universal Religion of the New World Order right under the noses of the mass of Roman Catholics, and they follow him! GOD says to them "come out of Her my children do not be partakers of Her sins." The punishment for those that worship JESUS CHRIST LORD and SAVIOR under Noahide Law is decapitation.

Anonymous said...

I have to words to this invitation but they aren't charitable so I'll keep them to myself.
As to the First Presbyterian Church in Rutherford which is 'hosting' this abomination, well, they are actually the First Lesboterian Church and cannot claim to even being Christian. They are as new (old) age as wicca.
They are also hosting a 'neurotic-science' of 'inspired thinking' gobble-de-gook discussion with a guy by the name of John Dull (appropriate) on 'How God Changes Your Brain' when you see a sunset, blah, blah, blah,
'Christian' (sic) yoga is offered as a 'Sunday morning Christian (sic) series'. In fact, they have this abomination offered weekdays and 'for kids' as well.
As if this weren't enough to wet your appetite for unholy, pagan thoughts, they also offer an 8-week program entitled “Christian – It’s Not What You Think” (I'll bet) which is 'creating churches' for 'unchurched people'. This program "reminds Christians that Jesus used the word ‘disciple’ to describe his followers and proclaimed that disciples should be known for their love."
Man, there certainly is a LOT of money in heresy.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, in the 1990s the Nervous Disorder crypto-Talmudist 'theologian' Hans Kung put his name to this book titled, "How to Do Good and Avoid Evil: A Global Ethic From the Sources of Judaism". Talmudist rabbi Walter Homolka also put his name to it. I suppose it was part of the prep work for the NovusOrdoahide conversions.
This is in just in case you all need to know how to live an ethical life;

And for the latest from Palestine; now we're going to hear quotes from the Torah to defend land grabs:

Anonymous said...


annely said...

Haaretz says new deputy foreign minister says "This land is ours. All of it is ours. We didn't come here to apologize for that'" Haaaretz says she quotes from the Talmud for supporting evidence. Now the settlers have confiscated acres of property belonging to a "Christian Church" between Bethlehem and Hebron again infringing upon a contiguous Palestine among other things like theft.