Friday, May 8, 2015

Timothy Dolan celebrates Nostra Aetate and 50 years of Catholic sensitivity and submission to Deicide Judaism's hatred of Christ

Rabbi Abraham Heschel, one of the primary schemers and co-authors behind the Nostra Aetate document, was a professor of 'Jewish mysticism' (i.e. rabbinic witchcraft) at Jewish Theological Seminary. Heschel's intention in engaging Christians was to "attack their souls." That is a direct quote.

The spiritual and ideological ancestors of the Jewish Theological Seminary rabbis had Christ nailed to a cross. Their canonized holy books claim full responsibility for the execution of Jesus Christ which they claim He deserved. Rabbinic Judaism thereby testifies against itself as a Deicide religion.

Frustrated greatly by Christ's resurrection and the widespread acceptance of His Gospel, the rabbis have been trying to blot out the name and memory of Christ for 2000 years since. Timothy Dolan and his Rav, Pope Francis routinely display deferential sensitivity for this rabbinic hatred of Christ and His cross and His true followers. This is the fruit of Judeo-Catholic 'dialogue' (i.e. diabolism).

It calls to mind this great example of Judeo-Catholic relations:

... [Chief Rabbi of "Israel," Yona Metzger recalled] one of his last meetings with Pope John Paul II a few years ago and what unfolded as a result of that particular encounter in the Vatican. It was less than a year before the pope passed away and he was rather ill and somewhat infirm. Rabbi Metzger is tall—probably about 6'4"—and he was concerned that he would have to bow his head and lean in to greet the pope and shake his hand. The concern was that as a result of this movement he would be bowing down to the crucifix that hung around the pope’s neck, which would be an act tantamount to bowing to an idol, a halachically prohibited act. He sought the guidance of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv on this matter, and the elderly posek instructed Rabbi Metzger to stand erect and just extend his hand directly to the pope.

At their encounter in Rome, Rabbi Metzger did as instructed, and he related that in fact upon reaching out to the pope, the pope pulled himself up from his chair and bowed forward to welcome Rabbi Metzger ... ("Long Beach Magic," Larry Gordon, November 08, 2007, 5 Towns Jewish Times)

Also see:

"Elder Brothers in the Faith" Hate the Central Symbol of our Faith

... the cross, referred to by the uncomplimentary trinity of Hebrew terms--tzelem [image], to'eva [abomination], shikutz [disgusting]

Where's your cross, Cardinal Dolan?


JMR said...

How can these people face dying ? They were all catechised before Vatican II.
In the point of view of this simple pre_vatican II Catholic, when the Church declared the talmudists "our elder brothers in faith" they declared that Satan, the "Father of Lies", was the head of the Church.
We will be so punished, but not for the "sins of the flesh" as declared by the so-called apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, but for our faithlessness and spritual pride in our refusal to believe in the dogmas of the faith, the catechism of the Catholic Church.
And all you so-called traditional Catholics are no better!

Anonymous said...

Did Christ not say those who deny Me before men ,I will deny before My Heavenly Father Its not just the Crucifixes around their necks their tucking out of sight,St John Paul held a musical evening for Jewish friends in the Vatican ,what could not be removed was covered up,same in Assisi for his multi faith gatherings.Man before God is their new religion.The sad thing is those their covering up Christ for despise them for their compromises.

CatholicNI said...

What is most frightening in all this is the complete indifference on behalf of the supposed 1 billion Catholics. These people are going to damn themselves anyway. Dolan like his comrade Jorge is an anti-priest, a layman who can do nothing that is remotely holy or sanctifying for any other human being. He is a gateway to hell.
Our Lord could return any day "to find faith on earth" What faith will he find? He will find the faith of the UNOVAC which is a passport to hell. Are there even a million Catholics who hold fast to the faith of the Apostles and the Queen of the Apostles (The Immaculate Conception) who confirmed the dogma of the faith in 1858. If we do not hold this faith as confirmed by the Mother of God in 1858 then we will perish eternally as confirmed by her Pope - Pius IX.

annely said...

Hiding the Crucifix is denying the Crucifix.Francis is the Supreme Invoker of the Name Jesus. Francis said without Jesus the Church -is- or -becomes- an NGO. Who speaks in vain?

Anonymous said...

Should not good Catholics be massing outside churches informing the clueless about this shocking state of affairs?

A pebbles dropped in the waters might set some positive developments in motion.

JMR said...

These descendents of Irish Catholics should be mortally ashamed of their treachery, their ancestors endured 400 years of persecutions and privations at the hands of the Protestants but did not give up the Faith. The sufferings endured by the Irish are not well known and little publicised but I think that it is a salutary lesson for all Catholics to read up about them and wonder how come the pre_Vatican II generation allowed themselves to be defrauded of their faith so easily.
Perhaps the problem is that the Irish don't seem to be a rancorous race, continually feeding their grudges anf hatreds because, although my parents and grandparents were Irish , I was not instilled with any hatred for the English or the protestants. I only learnt my ancestors history relatively recently from books like this:-

Anonymous said...

Was there a rooster crowing in the background?

Anonymous said...

Maurice Pinay ' blog was mentioned on the website of Traditional Catholic Knight. As with Trad's blog, the articles here are "thought provoking"!!

Anonymous said...

The WW2 Generation was very liberal and didn't care about catholicism.Thats how Vatican 2 and Uncle Roosevelt style policy (Judeo-Communism) took over the West.Long as they had a car, union job, and "a chicken in every pot",they were happy and submissive.