Monday, July 13, 2015

Just like her father, Susannah Heschel attacks our souls

Susannah Heschel is the daughter of that old hater of Christ and His followers, Rabbi Abraham Heschel who once candidly admitted in a Yiddish interview that he compared Christians to Nazis in the New York Times in order to "attack their souls." In the same interview, he also suggested that 'dialogue' with Christians is a more preferable means of attack than open warfare HERE.

Rabbi Heschel never had a son, only one daughter, Susannah Heschel, so his wealth of traditional rabbinic hatred of non-Jews, European Christians, in particular, was imparted abundantly to her. That received hatred is in full display in the video below.

In about 45 seconds, this sorcerer's apprentice is able to transfer blame for the crucifixion of Christ from the pharisee/rabbis of His time who plotted His crucifixion to the Romans; to indict today's "white churches" in toto for slavery, Jim Crow laws, and what she calls "The New Jim Crow" (whatever irrational, anti-white contrivance that is); to heap shame upon "white churches" and incite all who will listen to not let up on white church-shaming, or to forgive, until reparations are paid unto full restitution because, "in Judaism there is no repentance without restitution." 

It's clear that the narrative of Christian forgiveness which emerged from the Emanuel AME church was infuriating to Heschel when the occasion required (in her mind) 'attacking their souls,' which she did with all of her might, just like her father, during an MSNBC interview HERE.

“The focus has been on forgiveness and the evocation has been of Christ of the cross forgiving. But what about the Romans, the crucifiers? What about their repentance? In Judaism there is no repentance without restitution.

“I would like to know if the white churches in this country are hanging their heads in shame today. But you know the shame isn’t enough because they can’t repent without restitution. When are we going to have reparation for slavery, for Jim Crow, for the new Jim Crow?

“Unless you give back, there is no forgiveness for you. The repentance cannot even begin without the restitution.” (Susannah 'attack their souls' Heschel)

Learn about the Judaic role in the slave trade:

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

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Bill Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" equivocation was Susannah Heschel's idea


Anonymous said...

The secret relationship between Blacks and Jews has long been debunked by actual historians.

The historical records are quite clear and consistent. Jews were insignificant to the Atlantic slave trade overall.

The Atlantic Slave Trade was primarily (about 99% White Christian).

Maurice Pinay said...

Saul S. Friedman was a tribal pseudo-scholar, like Susannah Heschel. It's to be expected that they would scapegoat the European Christian common people for the crimes of their own forebears.

To claim that 'Jews' played an "insignificant" role in any given massively profitable market during the time period in question is ridiculous on its face. They'd take credit for the slave trade as a great achievement (as many do privately) if it were not presently serving as a makeshift bludgeon to smash their self-chosen enemies with.

Maurice Pinay said...

A hell of a lot of white Christians were slaves in the U.S. and Caribbean. Catholics were owned as slaves by 'Jews' in Catholic Poland. Ancestors of white Christian slaves would be paying reparations to the blacks that were traded and enslaved by 'Jews' if Heschel and the family had their way.

Maurice Pinay said...

Given that Heschel is descended from Yiddish royalty from Poland there's a damn good chance that her ancestors owned white Catholic slaves. There's a research project for someone.

MaryC said...

To "Anonymous": for your information the late Dr Tony Martin was a "real historian" and being Black, he had no agenda to cover up for Whites. The same cannot be said for Saul Friedman, whose agenda is to cover up the crimes of his tribe. I know which of the two I find more credible.

MaryC said...

It is also interesting to note that Friedman seems to be as much of a Christ hater as Heschel; he wrote against the Oberamegau Passion Play amongst the rest of his dross. He was just another Judaic who could never admit that his tribe were ever guilty of wrongdoing but were always the victims of, largely, White European Christians.