Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Bankers and their Rabbis: What are you talking about?

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: Judaism and the Mafia; 'giving' to 'the family' what was extracted from outsiders.

Jonathan Sacks is the former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain. He has since gained peerage and a seat in the House of Lords. He's currently promoting a book for gullible Goy consumption which seizes upon Western intelligence's Islamic terror as an opportunity to coagulate the Goyim together into 'tolerant' 'Noahide' nothingness while encouraging 'Jews' to maintain their traditional tribal distinctness. I'll pass on commenting on that work for now to focus on another constant theme of Sacks.

Rabbi Sacks himself said that the Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson, "told me exactly what he wanted me to do … he gave me a whole set of instructions which have directed my life from that day to this. Almost everything I've done, I've done because he asked me to." But, "the one thing he never asked me to do was to become a Lubavitcher Hasid" HERE. This apparent contradiction is perfectly understandable in light of the Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe's instructions to certain human assets, to 'be modern on the outside but Chabad on the inside' HERE.

In the video below, we can see the chameleon, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks shift back and forth between his smooth, Oxford persona and his inner Chabad Yid. The setting is a talk on 'Tzedakah and Social Justice' at an IFLA (Israel Free Loan Association) event. The 'Israel' Free Loan Association gives 0% interest loans to 'Jews' only (interest on loans is only to be charged to non-Jews according to rabbinic law). Beginning at approximately 18:50 in the video Rabbi Sacks starts speaking of Judaism's 'social justice' (Tzadakah, i.e. compulsory giving of charity to fellow 'Jews' of wealth gained from the non-Judaic community). He interestingly points out that he knows of no similar concept in other cultures, aside from the mafia.

Rabbi Sacks:
There is a unique law in Judaism; kofin al tzadakah [charitable giving to fellow 'Jews' is to be coerced]. Can you imagine another country in which, if you don't give charity, they force you to? The mafia say, you know, 'either you give or you sleep with the fishes,' you know. It doesn't exist in any other culture. They don't understand it when I say to them, 'If you don't give tzadakah, you could be forced to by a Beit Din [rabbinic court].' [Did] you ever go to a Jewish fund raising event and get out without giving? That's kofin al tzadakah. And it's beautiful.

This is not just Rabbi Sacks' opinion. It is the law of Orthodox Judaism as codified by the codifier of Orthodox Judaism, Moses Maimonides:

He who does not want to give charity, or gives less than is proper, will be forced to do so by the rabbinical court, even to the point of striking him, until he gives his due, and the court will examine and assess his property in his presence, and take what is proper for him to give. And they may take collateral for charity, even on the eve of the Sabbath. (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilkhot matanot aniyim [Laws of Giving to the Poor] 7:10).

Rabbi Sacks' full address to the 'Israel' Free Loan Association is below. The relevant content starts at around 18 minutes:

Now, returning to a Rabbi Sacks interview that we cited in 2011 HERE:

"For a Jew like [Nathan] Rothschild, as the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explained to me, what for a Christian is charity, was rather stricter. Philanthropy is duty. You have to do it. It's ten per cent [of your earnings] and we're not saying it would be a nice idea; we're saying you do that - and if you don't, we ostracise you."

Contemplate that for a moment, reader. The rabbis could ostracize Nathan Rothschild? That's exactly what he's saying.

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Goldman Sachs Chief, Lloyd Blankfein: "Rabbi, Jewish groups helped me succeed [and expect at least 10% 'tzadakah' now]"


Anonymous said...

A former head of the World Jewish Congress, Israel Singer, reported that he worked with Bergoglio in the early 2000s, distributing aid to the poor as part of a joint Jewish-Catholic program called "Tzedak√°".


Will Pope Francis turn the Catholic Church into a movement for social justice?
It’s amazing, but a Jesuit priest of all people is the world's most fluent and passionate speaker on the connection between poverty and environmental and distributive injustice.


MaryC said...

It's a pity that Francis doesn't show the same passion for saving souls as he does for the "connection between poverty and environmental and distributive injustice". That would be genuine charity.

Anonymous said...

Confirms what we know - the 'dignity' of a 'jew' is equated with financial means. One cannot be a 'dignified' judaic unless one has financial means because a judaic must give to another judaic not only enough to live on, but a little extra, so that the needy judaic can be feel 'dignified' in giving to another needy judaic. It's all very psycholojucal.

Maurice Pinay said...

... It's all very psycholojucal.


Sacks himself explains it more or less the same way. Since Sacks opened the floor for psychological analysis, it's worth probing the Judeo-mafia compulsory-'charity'-for-the-tribe-at-the-outsiders-expense psychopathy. If it wasn't for this religio-ideologically-induced criminal psychopathy, the same metal abilities squandered on elaborate predatory 'charity' schemes could just as well serve the common good, but this is anathema to the mindset of Judaism.