Monday, August 10, 2015

Dr. Tony Martin on Judaic bullying tactics against scholars of Judaic role in slave trade


Anonymous said...

So we add "Portuguese" slave traders to "Russian" mafia, Young "Turks," "Hollywood" pornographers, "Russian" communists, "Wall Street" banksters, "international" financiers, "neocons," and the rest of the misdirection concealing the synagogue of Satan's crimes against humanity.

Maurice Pinay said...

Witness, for instance, the almost amusing narrative disparity between arguments seeking to maximize Jewish economic contributions to European (colonial) efforts and those seeking to minimize Jewish participation in the slave-trade. The former figure New Christians (especially Portuguese) as Jews, while the latter figure them as Christians. ("On Converso anti Marrano Ethnicity," in Benjamin R. Gampel, ed., Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic World, 1391-1648 [New York, 1997], 59-76).

Anonymous said...

The late Dr. Martin's experience is instructive. In this video he chronicles with good humor the types of deceit and bully tactics that he experienced as a historian revealing the sordid and concealed history of Jewish slave traders. He experienced what is experienced by everyone who confronts Jewish myths and deceits:

misdirection, attempting to conceal that malefactors and criminals are Jews ("Portuguese" slavers, "Russian" mafia, Young "Turks," etc.),
reliance on lies,
distraction from facts by name-calling, invidious nicknames,
attempts to destroy opponents' livelihood and professional reputation,
dirty tricks,
side-stepping actual issues, introducing "red herrings" and "straw men",
use of gentile quislings, "Uncle Toms," shabbos goyim,
leveraging connections with persons of influence and debtors,
parroting Jewish talking points across the broad expanse of Jewish-owned media,
unseemly histrionics,
insinuating self-destructive advice through pretended friends,
hate mail, threats, actual violence

His advice?
stick to the truthful facts
ignore the ad hominem attacks, but use the attacks as opportunities to spread the truth
develop independent media
develop support systems
take the battle to the enemy, don't fold

Greg Pearson said...

This Monday, 8/17, marks the 100th year anniversary of the "lynching" of Leo Frank, a magnificent exercise in justice. This article shows in detail how a massive conspiracy developed to clear the murdering pedophile Frank of charges. This is how the "jews" work; after all the Talmud clearly states raping and murdering goyim children is a deeply religious act-…/100-reasons-proving-leo-f…/

hereisjorgebergoglio said...


This is unrelated to this post but on topic to the blog. We know you are familiar with this man but not certain if you keep with his blog.


From Punk to Catholic Jewish Consecrated Brother: A Hebrew Catholic Spiritual Journey

Maurice Pinay said...

Catholic Jewish consecrated brother


A crypto-rabbi from a family of crypto-rabbis as he says himself. God please convert this rabbinic child of Hell from his virulent Judeocentric megalomania or remove him from our midst.

annely said...

Hebrew Catholics are just like Hebrews. They get everywhere.