Monday, August 10, 2015

Trump Controversy is a mockery; a contrived PC teachable moment for 'pigheaded' Whites

Haven't we seen this show before? But more importantly, when will bigoted Yids who make Archie Bunker and Donald Trump look like class acts be ridiculed and subjected to televised sensitivity training alchemy? Never, as long as condescending Judeo-supremacists control the discourse. For the love of God, turn off your televisions.


Dachsie said...

The WHOLE of the subjects of candidates, elections, etc... is just total nonsense to many of us. I still am tempted to sign petitions to Congress to stop funding of Planned Parenthood and other items, but I have stopped voting and see zero hope for the USA.

"Brother Nathaniel" has posted a couple of pretty good pieces about Trump, but I still have a gnawing distrust of Bro Nate. Russia and Russian Orthodox Church are basically one and the same entity and that entity is still under the strong shadow of communism.

“Archie Bunker” portrayed white males as bigoted, arrogant know-it-alls who enslaved their wives." That is a quote from an article by Robert Sungenis that is no longer available on the web titled "Politics, Religion, Israel and the Seduction of the Catholic Voter"

I remember watching that show and being so shocked by some of the dialog. Archie used to refer to Jews as Hebes. I did laugh at the show but wish now I had been instructed in truth as to what was wrong about laughing at that show.

Alan Donelson said...

I have followed only casually, at arm's length and without favor, having no intention to vote again, the latest dust-offs among the Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums, the Things One and Things Two. Clearly, we have vicarious entertainment of the most expensive sort delivered free to our computer monitors. Well, free to a point. We pay dearly in time and energy wasted to view such low, dark humor.

I too watched with delight Archie Bunker, family, and friends. Back then, I suppose I did count myself on one side, the liberal one, having migrated years before from that of Ayn Rand, Barry Goldwater, and the "conservative" side. Heck, I only began to awake from The Matrix late in my sixth decade on the planet! I forgive myself the laughs then. Those laughs had an innocence I lost since.

Northsider said...

Bunker was an American version of the British sit-com Till Death Do Us Part written by anti-Catholic bigot Johnny Speight. The real bigotry in TV land is not directed against blacks or Muslims, but against Catholics. On British television unsavoury of ridiculous characters are invariably Irish or at the very least have Irish names. The same is true, albeit to a slightly lesser extent, of American media, which British Anglo-Zio supremacists largely control. One of my lectures in college, who had worked as a magazine designer at Conde Nast in New York once told us that EVERYONE but everyone in American Magazine publishing was British. The Irish media is also run by poisonously anti-Irish Brit-Zios, e.g the Sunday Independent - a vile anti-Irish, anti-Catholic Masonic porn-rag. Re Trump: he's a friend and regular guest of the odious Howard Stern, but surprise, surprise Meghan Kelly has also appeared on Stern's porn show to happily talk filth, so the Trump Kelly "row" is clearly more theatre of the schlock for the gullible masses.

Anonymous said...

Has RT (Russia Today) been outsourced to the BBC (Bnai Brith Corporation)?. Seems more like it with each passing day!

annely said...

RT will give you info and perspective that you'll never get from US Big Outlets but like Western Big Outlets RT is very slanted. And Jewdom is in the warp and weft everywhere.

Innocent Smith said...

Very good comments on display here and great insight from our host.

I think I was around 8 or 9 when this show first aired and I always loved it. But I always liked Archie. Sure there was a time period in syndication as I reached my later teen years and early adulthood that I admired the "Meathead" point of view. But it was short lived. My only problem was the use of the word "Polak". Being that I am of Polish descent.

But I soon realized that was part of the psy op. To use the Poles as one example, I am sure many were still around that would agree with just about everything Archie said. Except for the ethnic slur previously mentioned and that he was "anti-Catholic". That was the genius of the snare, because everybody could be offended about something.

So I suppose the logic goes something like this. If everyone is offended, then anything goes.

Anonymous said...

And guess what!

of Canterbury,
Justin Welby, has all
the hallmarks of an
Illuminati Jewish imposter.