Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What will happen to 'Gentiles' at the Judaic 'Redemption'?

Those who have caused trouble for 'Israel' by not recognizing that all creation (including Gentiles themselves) exists entirely for the service of 'Israel,' will be discussed about, judged and shamed by 'G-d,' 'Israel,' 'the angels' and 'the elders of the House of David,' after which they will be turned to ash, never to return, but not before 'witnessing the joy of Israel.'

Those who have recognized that their lot in life is to love and serve 'the Jews' will have as their reward, continued loving and serving of 'the Jews' as farmers and wine pressers and have the opportunity to view 'the joy of Israel' from their servitude.

This psychotic teaching of Chabad Lubavitch, and the texts of Orthodox Judaism from which it originates, starting at page 44:


Maurice Pinay said...

Context for understanding the historically vast overrepresentation of 'Jews' in the slave trade, no?

Anonymous said...

Sure they think God only exists to serve them .

Maurice Pinay said...

Sure they think God only exists to serve them.


God also exists to learn from the great wisdom of the rabbis after being humbled by them in debate.