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'Pope Francis singled out John Kerry for a handshake'

Pope Francis and John Kohn "Kerry" feel a bond in their kishkes

John "Kerry" is reportedly a descendant of a brother of 'the Maharal' of Prague, Rabbi Judah Loew, of Golem fame on his father's side of the family. His maternal ancestors (Forbes-Blackwell-Mathers-Clark) amassed great wealth in the opium trade working for Russell & Co. and the Shanghai Steam Navigation Company and were involved in the 'Opium Wars' which involved British military enforcement of the family business; exporting the wealth and resources out of China and importing opium into the vacuum. John Kerry's great grandfather, Francis Blackwell Forbes was president of the Shanghai branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, players in the 'Great Game.'

"Kerry's" father Richard John "Kerry" attended the Phillips Academy at Andover and Yale and received a law degree from Harvard. John Kerry attended St. Paul's Academy and Yale where he was a member of the Skull and Bones secret society. Kerry's Judaic paternal grandparents (Kohn and Lowe) changed their surname to Kerry, 'converted to Catholicism' and pretended to be Irish Catholics. We're led to believe that "Kerry" was "surprised" to "learn" of his Judaic ancestry around 2003. Anyone who believes that a Skull and Bonesman was unaware of his patrimony beyond one generation is extremely gullible. This is an environment of obsession with illustrious ancestry, wealth and power; crypto-royalty in a nation which makes a great show of being repulsed by such things.

Like his father, John "Kerry" married wealthy; (allegedly Portugese) heiress Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira-Heinz, the widow of another Skull and Bonesman H. J. Heinz.

This only scratches the surface of the impeccable cryptocrat bona fides of abortion enthusiast John "Kerry" which he upholds in his exploits in Ukraine, Syria etc. "Kerry" is an heir of many centuries of expertise in predation and intrigue and 'humble' Pope Francis of the 'poor Church for the poor' 'singled him out' for a handshake as he processed down the aisle of the U.S. Congress.

John Forbes-Kohn "Kerry" allegedly believed that this man, Richard John Kohn "Kerry," his father, was of Irish descent until 2003 when he "discovered" he was a 'Jew'.

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Pope Francis to arrive in U.S. as his brothers in the faith make a Yom Kippur eve deal with Satan

We recently documented that the Orthodox Judaic meaning of the tradition of blowing of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah is to confuse Satan and God so 'the Jews' may escape accountability for their sins HERE. This is only the beginning of the 'High Holy Days' of rabbinic Judaism and it's dealings with Satan, however. On the eve of Yom Kippur, a traditional ceremony of Judaism called kapparot serves as an occasion to bribe Satan with a sacrificial offering of a chicken. Pope Francis, whose deep respect for the rabbis and their traditions is a well established matter of record, will arrive in Washington D.C. as this satanic ritual is performed in Judaic ghettos throughout the U.S.

We should preface this by clarifying a matter of great confusion and disinformation related to the religion of Orthodox Judaism. The 'Goyim' are often told that 'Satan doesn't exist in Judaism,' or somewhat closer to the truth, that 'Satan has a different meaning and unimportant role in Judaism.' The truth is that Satan most definitely does exist in Judaism, and very prominently, as we see in the lead role he plays during the 'High Holy Days.' A clear understanding of the meaning of Satan in Judaism is sorely lacking among outsiders but is key to understanding Judaism and the mentality it engenders and which endures even among today's 'non-observant Jews.'

A succinct explanation comes from Orthodox Rabbi, Israel Drazin, a member Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik's Orthodox Rabbinical Council of America:

Drawing upon their understanding of the Job story, many Jews thought that one of Satan’s functions was to serve as a prosecutor in the heavenly court against their interests. (Drazin, Israel, Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind (Kindle Locations 3164-3165). Gefen Publishing House. Kindle Edition)

So we see that, essentially, in Judaism, Satan is the arch 'antisemite.' Judaism, a legalistic religion, takes a courtroom view of metaphysics making Satan to be an 'antisemitic' court prosecutor. Readers of Michael Hoffman's Judaism Discovered are aware that for 'Jews,' in the court system, 'antisemites' can be bribed to obtain 'justice' for 'Jews.' Satan is no exception:

Recognizing that [Jews] were unable to fight and defeat an angel, they resorted to bribing him. They interpreted Leviticus’ Azzazel [scapegoat] command as a mandate from God to save themselves from Satan’s accusations by bribing him. (ibid, Drazin)

With that fundamental insight into the role of Satan in Judaism we can proceed in understanding the prominent role of Satan in yet another of Judaism's 'High Holy Days,' the eve of Yom Kippur:

The term kapparot denotes an offering tendered in the hope of gaining forgiveness for past misdeeds. Many Jews currently practice the kapparot ceremony on the eve of Yom Kippur. A fowl is waved counterclockwise around the head of a man or woman and words are recited requesting that the person’s sins be transferred to the fowl. “This is my exchange, my substitute, my atonement. This rooster shall go to its death, but I shall go to good, long life and to peace.” The rite concludes with the slaughtering of the fowl.

... Virtually all ancient sources recognize that the practice was originally designed, just as the Jewish masses understood the biblical Yom Kippur Azzazel ceremony in Leviticus 16: 8, as a bribe to Satan to keep him from accusing Jews before God for their misdeeds during the past year. The Machzor Vitri, composed by Simcha of Vitri, France, a student of Rashi (who died in the same year as his teacher, 1105), admits that the purpose of the kapparot is exactly the same as the scapegoat sent to Azzazel; both are bribes for the devil. This was also the opinion of Yaakov Hayim Zemach in Nagid U’mitzvah, Isaiah Horowitz in Sh’lah, and J.Z. Lauterbach in HUCA 11, “Tashlich.” Lauterbach writes: “The real significance of this ceremony was that it represented a revival of the old idea of bribing Satan or demons by offering to them a sacrifice as had been done in the times of the Temple [for the Bible mandated in Leviticus 16: 8 that on Yom Kippur a goat was sent to Azzazel].”


The earliest mention of the kapparot service is in a responsa (a written answer to a question submitted in writing to a rabbi) written by Amram bar Sheshna, also known as Amram Gaon, the head of the academy of Sura, Babylonia, around 850 C.E. Amram mentions that the custom of kapparot is quite old. We can therefore safely assume that kapparot began at least a couple of centuries earlier.


The Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 81b, reports a third-century practice that is remarkably similar to kapparot and shares the same superstitious basis and goal. A basket of beans or peas was taken, turned around one’s head seven times and then tossed into the water. The practice was called parpisa, similar to the English word “propitiate,” to make someone favorably inclined to one’s desires. The uneducated masses considered seven a magical number, moving in a circle a magical rite that produced a desired result, and water the dwelling place of the demons. Thus food was tossed in the water as a bribe for the demon.

Drazin, Israel (2008-11-10). Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind (Kindle Locations 3073-3080). Gefen Publishing House. Kindle Edition.

THE ANCIENTS: THE YOM KIPPUR AZZAZEL CEREMONY AS A BRIBE Many rabbis shared the belief in demons held by the less sophisticated population. The mystic Bible commentator Nachmanides, Rashi and many others believed in the existence of angels and demons, both of which they viewed as corporeal and having powerful positive and negative impacts upon humans and the ability to alter their lives. God instructed Jews not to seek the assistance of these intermediaries in various biblical passages including Leviticus 17: 7. Yet, remarkably, in his commentary to Leviticus 16: 8, Nachmanides, like many others, states that God told the Israelites to bribe Satan by sending him a goat that resembles him every year on the holiday of Yom Kippur. This was the Azzazel goat. The purpose of the bribe, as stated earlier, was to stop the demon from traveling to heaven on this day, when decisions were being made concerning the future life and death of Jews, and persuading God to punish the Jews for their sins during the past year. The purpose of kapparot, according to Nachmanides and many others, was identical. Although the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E. stopped the public ceremony of Azzazel, the bribery continued by individual Jews performing the kapparot rite.

Drazin, Israel (2008-11-10). Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind (Kindle Locations 3098-3107). Gefen Publishing House. Kindle Edition.


Commenting upon the Babylonian Talmud, Hullin 95b, Asher ben Jehiel (known as Asheri, c. 1259– 1328) states that the ancient custom of kapparot was to toss the entrails of the sacrificed rooster on the roof of one’s house. Like the water, the masses were convinced that the roof was a dwelling place of demons. The practice of leaving food for Satan as a bribe was altered in ancient times to disguise its original superstitious intention. Natronai Gaon, the ninth-century head of the academy in Sura, Babylonia, reports that in his time food was no longer thrown into water or placed on roofs but was given instead to the poor. This was a somewhat subtle subterfuge since the masses were convinced that Satan frequently disguised himself as a poor man in order to test people. Thus the food was expected to end up in Satan’s hands.

Drazin, Israel (2008-11-10). Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind (Kindle Locations 3139-3146). Gefen Publishing House. Kindle Edition.


[Kapparot] is still practiced by many Jews today. Those who recognize the quasi-magical aspect attempt to defend it by calling it “magic for a good purpose.” Others have stopped using an animal for the ceremony and substitute money, which is then given to the poor. Those who do so probably do not know that the ancient masses thought that Satan would disguise himself as a poor man to test the Jews. Thus, the bribe is still being given to Satan, albeit surreptitiously.

Drazin, Israel (2008-11-10). Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind (Kindle Location 3160). Gefen Publishing House. Kindle Edition.

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The Gospel of Pope Francis' Hasidic "Jesus"

Background HERE

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Meet the Satmar Haredi woman who manages risk for the NSA

This story is packaged to make it appear new and anomalous that a Hasidic individual would be involved in 'the intelligence community.' The truth is that the 'intelligence' and 'security' rackets have been essential components of the rabbinic ghetto as long as there have been rabbinic ghettos. The rabbinic ghetto figures prominently in the history of Western 'intelligence' to those who know the history.

Rabbinic ghettos have always been in contact with each other across nations and continents sharing common language, customs inaccessible to commoners and traditions with extreme emphasis on deceit and secrecy. They've been 'globalists' for centuries. Judaic traders have been learning languages of various 'Goy' nations to do business in 'markets' throughout the world.

This lifestyle by default brings knowledge with it of happenings in other nations which was of value to kings, prelates and rabbis elsewhere. The role of the 'court Jew' was often as an 'intelligencer' even when serving another primary role (physician, astrologer, etc.). The 'court Jew' played the balancing act of making himself useful to the Goy ruler or prelate by providing enough 'intelligence' on profit opportunities, plans of other rulers, etc. while gaining intelligence from the court to provide to his rabbi in the ghetto.

The ghetto has for centuries been at the nexus of international trade (including the drug trade), banking, intelligence, religious and cultural subversion and cosmopolitanism (see: Freemasonry) which is strong in port cities, centers of international trade. The trail leads from the Mediterranean; Rome, Venice, Florence, then generally northward landing in London and then the U.S. Northeast. This is the milieu of the 'intelligence community.' (Note, in this context, Pope Francis' emergence from the cosmopolitan port city of Buenos Aires).

It was not an overstatement when Joseph Lieberman, speaking at a Chabad banquet with former CIA Director James Woolsey in attendance, 'joked' that Chabad has a more extensive intelligence network than the CIA HERE.

The rabbinic tradition being one of instilling paranoia and fear of a world of genocidal enemies, out to kill you simply because you exist, Judaism is going to come more and more to the forefront in this 'war on terror' protection racket because the rabbinic ghetto is the alpha and omega of it HERE.

The meteor from Borough Park: Meet the Hasidic woman who manages risk for the NSA

Anne Neuberger was raised in an ultra-Orthodox family, but decided to break boundaries and develop her own career. As the National Security Agency's recently appointed chief risk officer, she talks to Ynet about her unusual life and the clash between individual rights and security.

Yitzhak Benhorin -Ynet


At the age of 31, she landed like a human meteor in Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' bureau in the Pentagon, and today, at the age of 39, Anne Neuberger holds a very senior position in the National Security Agency (NSA) ...

"My family is Satmar, old style Satmar. We speak Yiddish with a Hasidic heavy accent. I grew up in Borough Park. I went to Bais Yaakov a huge girls' school of 2,000 girls and to Bais Yaakov High School," she says.

"My father took a lot of pride in my ability and tried to find a way that would fit with our culture. My father was more open to it than my mother. She is more conservative that the woman's role is in the house. My mother never worked. In the Hungarian society, woman's work is a sign that the husband is not taking care of the family. My father always worked and was successful."

... [her parents were aboard plane involved in the Entebbe-hijacking which in all likelihood was an event, like the USS Liberty attack, staged by 'Israel' to cast itself as a great surmounter of Arab terror HERE]...

Anne applied and was surprised to be assigned to the Pentagon in Bob Gates' office. She was the first woman to serve as a special assistant to the secretary of defense. Gates tasked her with dealing with the issue of military vehicles which hit roadside bombs, which led to the massive killing of US soldier. Israeli vehicles produced by Rafael were introduced on the front and managed to deflect the power of the blasts and save soldiers' lives.

The secretary of defense asked her to look into Marines and Navy development plans in order to accelerate the production of these vehicles. He wanted to wave bureaucracy in order to launch a massive production of vehicles resistant to roadside bombs.

After completing that project, she was appointed special advisor to the secretary of Navy, where her job was to solve problems of failed projects and those which had exceeded their budgets.

In the Pentagon she made a name for herself as a brilliant problem solver, which led her to her next target: A member of the founding team of the National Cybersecurity Center. She introduced a number of initiatives for collaborations between private companies and the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.

From there, she was recruited by General Keith Alexander, who served as the NSA director, to join a small group working in his command.

What are you good at?

"People tell me that I am good in solving problems, breaking into pieces and getting a bunch of people to work together on really tough problems. I can take a big problem, break it into pieces and assemble people, assign them to the pieces and keep the big picture that we can get there.

"As chief risk officer, we set up a way and I look at risks. Operational risks, technical risks, strategic risks that our efforts will be disclosed. In any intelligence community, there is always this tension between how many brains you put on a problem. Sometime the more brain you put on a problem, the more likely you will solve it. On the other end, each additional person who knows about something adds risk. What's the right balance? That's one of the toughest problem in the intelligence community that we have to figure out."

She works from morning till night, but on Fridays she leaves the office early in order to get home before Shabbat. She says it's an interesting and great workplace with people from different backgrounds, but she never forgets where she came from. It's true that she doesn’t have time to bake cakes and challah for Shabbat, but she hasn't forgotten to do charity work.

Neuberger decided to use her status and knowledge to help Jewish Orthodox women to function in the 21th century. She started a charity for divorced haredi women called Sister to Sister. "We serve about 1,000 women in 30 different communities in the US in all kinds of different programs. We have 250 women volunteers. I founded and run the organization as a volunteer. The real work is done by a fantastic three full-time staff.

According to Neuberger, there are changes taking place in the haredi community. Women are going out to work. It's a process which is happening out of sight. She also supports several charity groups in Israel, mainly with training and help in getting jobs.

Several month ago, Neuberger traveled to Israel with her husband and two children to celebrate her son's bar miztvah at the Western Wall. After the event, they visited the Makom Balev program in Rehovot for children from a difficult background. Her son gave them the money he had received for his bar mitzvah.

She says Israel is beautiful, but expresses her disappointment over the rift between secular and haredi Jews as she has many secular and haredi, Jewish and non-Jewish friends in the country. The Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred, she notes, adding that in the Holocaust there was no distinction between religious and secular Jews.,7340,L-4699709,00.html

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On Rosh Hashanah (Talmudic New Year), the Shofar (ram's horn) is blown to confuse Satan and God so "the Jews" may escape accountability for their sins

The following is excerpted from Rabbi Israel Drazin's book, Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind. Rabbi Drazin is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America, Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik's Council of Orthodox rabbis. Rabbi Drazin is also a follower of the dead Messiah of Lubavitch, Menachem Schneerson. We highlighted Rabbi Drazin's account of 'modern on the outside and Chabad on the inside' proselytization of U.S. 'Goy' military men to follow 'the Noahide Laws' as he was instructed to do by Rebbe Schneerson HERE. Rabbi Drazin is a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army, something which military coup enthusiasts should bear in mind as there are many others like him.

The Shofar Scares and Confuses Satan, Keeping Him at Arm’s Length

It is absolutely certain that both the spiritual leaders of Jewry and the masses of uneducated Jews (or at least the majority of these) before, during and after the talmudic period believed that the shofar, the ram’s horn, was blown on the holiday of Rosh Hashanah in order to confuse Satan and his demonic cohorts. The widely held belief was that the blowing of the shofar would stop Satan from approaching God at a crucial moment, keeping him from indicting Jews for past sins in a heavenly judicial proceeding in which God decides the future of each Jew ...

Why is the Day Called Rosh Hashanah?

The Bible does not indicate a date when the year begins. The Talmud records two opinions on the subject. One position is that it is the first day of the month of spring, the first month Nissan, the same month in which the holiday of Passover occurs. This is the month that the Torah calls the “first of the months” because it recalls the Exodus from Egypt. The second idea, which became the accepted view, is that the year begins on the first day of the fall, in the seventh month Tishrei. More specifically, this opinion states that the sixth day of creation, the day on which humans were created, was the first day of Tishrei, and that the new year begins with this sixth day of creation. Once this non-biblical idea – that the first of Tishrei is the beginning of the new year – was accepted by Jews, Yom Teruah gained the name Rosh Hashanah, “New Year,” in the popular mind, although it retains its biblical name Yom Teruah in the holiday prayer book.

The Ancient Use of the Shofar

Anthropologists and other social scientists have recognized that ancient people used a shocking sound like the shofar blast to attract or repel. Sir James G. Frazer (1854–1941), in his Golden Bough, in the chapter on “The Scapegoat,” states that primitive people usually sounded loud noises on New Year’s Day to expel demons; today’s noisemaking on New Year’s Day is a relic of this ancient practice. It seems likely that this was also the original purpose for the shofar blasts; surprisingly, this is the view of the Talmud.

The Talmud Relates the Shofar-Blowing to Satan

The original reason for blowing the shofar on the New Year, to frighten and expel satanic forces that may persuade an influencible God that the Jew is a sinner and should be punished and perhaps even killed during the upcoming year, is explicitly reported in the Babylonian Talmud, Rosh Hashanah 16b. The Talmud states that the shofar is blown “to confound Satan” and to prevent him from approaching God and accusing Jewish people of past sins.

Long after the practice of shofar blowing began, the Talmud mentions that there are two series of synagogue shofar blowings, one during the Amidah – or standing – prayer and one before it. One of these series – the rabbis differ as to which one – is an integral part of the way that Rosh Hashanah came to be understood, while the other, the more ancient practice, the Talmud says, is designed to confuse Satan.

One series reflects a more advanced spiritual concept of the shofar. The other retains the ancient primitive superstitious fear of demons and the notion that Satan is involved in divine judgments and has the power to influence God’s decision about the future of a Jew’s life and that humans, in turn, have the somewhat supernatural ability to confuse Satan, a heavenly being, and restrain him from carrying out his diabolical scheme to harm Jews.

The Superstitious Origin Recognized in Many Sources

This notion is present not only in the Talmud but also in various legal codes and commentaries, such as Nathan ben Jechiel’s Arukh (1035–1106) and David Abudarham’s book on prayer Perush haberakhot v’hatefilot (fourteenth century).

The Babylonian Talmud, Hullin 105b, and Rashi’s commentary to Rosh Hashanah 28a repeat that the shofar was used to scare demons and upset their plans. The talmudic rabbis question whether a Jew fulfills his obligation to blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah if he blows it only to confound or repel demons. Curiously, the Talmud answers that the obligation to blow the shofar is fulfilled...


The shofar is blown one hundred times on Rosh Hashanahas a significant part of this holiday’s service. Yet the Torah [i.e. The Bible] does not mention that the shofar should be sounded on this day ...

Source: HERE and HERE

The Yiddish Muslim Invasion of Europe

'Secular progressive Jews' are misrepresenting a video as depicting "Palestinian refugees sing along to Yiddish tune Oyfn Veg, Shteyt a Boym." What the video actually depicts is a Yiddish man named Hans Breuer singing a Yiddish song to a van load of Muslims he's smuggling into Europe, and then prompting them to sing along a simple refrain which he apparently taught them.

Hans Breuer is a self-described, Austria-based, Yiddish wandering shepherd and legal expert at circumventing European law HERE. He will, no doubt, exploit that expertise to great effect in permanently transplanting the Syrian-Palestinian Muslims he's transporting away from their homeland, which his fellow Yids are stealing from them, to Europe which his fellow Yids have explained "owes a debt to the Palestinians" HERE. This concept: 'Europe owes a debt to the Palestinians for the crimes of Zionist Jews' is something I call 'Holocaust usury' which is a derivation of the religion of Orthodox Judaism which travels heavily in scapegoating and which also mandates that usury is to be exacted from 'Goyim' only, not 'Jews' HEREHERE and HERE.

Hans Breuer's activism is typical of 'secular progressive' Judaism; little more than harsh words for the Zionists they allegedly oppose but severe browbeating, scapegoating and debt collection for Europeans who they ACT against in radical, destructive ways.

There is a somewhat mitigating explanation for this; that the 'Jews of conscience' are relocating the Palestinians to Europe because it would be too dangerous to relocate them to their actual homeland of 'Jew'-occupied Palestine. Indeed, but then doesn't this belie the underlying pretext of essentially every Judaic do-gooder organization in existence; that 'Jews' must protect the minority from European dominance, bigotry and oppression?

People of European descent are fast becoming a minority on their own land in no small part due to the policy and acts of Judaic do-gooders (whose 'good' deeds usually end up benefitting the tribe). Who will protect Europeans and Europe-descended people from them?

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For 9-11: The technique and operation of the rabbinic ghetto protection racket which has taken the world hostage

Another 'Islamic' terrorist showcased by Rita Katz, another crypto-'Jew,' Joshua Ryne Goldberg

From the FBI criminal complaint against Joshua Ryne Goldberg filed 9/10/15:

I awoke this morning to a great blessing. The news that yet another 'Islamic' terrorist, "Australi Witness," showcased by the Judaic terror-monger Rita Katz is really a crypto-Judaic kid, Joshua Ryne Goldberg operating out of his family home. The FBI criminal complaint dated 9/10/15 against this crypto-Judaic terrorist Joshua Goldberg is HERE.

The Judaic terror merchant, self-proclaimed 'terror expert' of exceedingly questionable background, motives and claims, Rita Katz HERE has described Joshua Goldberg as operating from a "prestige" position in online jihadi circles who was, "part of the hard core of a group of individuals who constantly look for targets for other people to attack" HERE. Does anyone recall how Rita Katz showcased that other crypto-Judaic 'Islamic terrorist' Adam Perlman HERE who also operated from a prestige position, as a grandson of an ADL board member from California?

It may be worthwhile to dig a little further than the FBI and find out what lodges, Judaic power organizations and Israeli organizations or individuals are in Joshua Goldberg's circle.

Piece by piece, let's dismantle the terror protection racket that has taken the world hostage until future 9-11 memorials are transformed into celebrations of our liberation from ghetto protection rackets.

Also see:

9-11 is Purim for Goys

Who is Rita Katz, al Baghdadi, ISIS PR representative?

ADL Board Member's Grandson Transformed as "al Qaeda" Agent Threatens "Islamofascist" Attack on U.S.

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Haredi Rabbi says Muslim invasion of Europe is 'excellent news' because "Edom" (Christianity) must be destroyed before "Messiah" can "return"

An extract from a talk by apparently Chabad-associated Rav David Touitou. Full video on youtube HERE

'Rightwing, Conservative Christian Interests' Verus 'Jewish Interests'

Reporting on the Sanhedrin's trial of Pope Francis

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Never forget; 2012, Bernard Henri Levy: 'What we did in Libya, we can do in Syria'

In 2012 'Holocaust' sophist, player of the Great Game, Bernard Henry 'Lévy' was scheming for the overthrow and destruction of another nation in the path of the Greater 'Israel' delusion.

Also see:

 Fanatical Judaic Con Man Tells of Insider Role In NATO's Purim Vengeance Against Libya

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Expect Police brutality to rise in the U.S.

A U.S. Foreign Policy based upon a foreign religion

Mondoweiss makes the following observation studiously ignoring the Haredi rabbi in the image:

Yes ... 'Deliverance' from Christ's salvific covenant to a covenant with the rabbis of Holocaustianity which cannot save anything but does enslave many.

Also see:

"Memory of the Holocaust is central to the new world order"

The Pentagon's 'Yom HaShoah' 'Holocaust' Liturgy and Ritual

At Auschwitz, Future U.S. Military Leaders Learn to Hate

Welcome to the West Point Military Academy's Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

ADL Programs Police at U.S. 'Holocaust' Museum

Chief Rabbis Ask Pope for Holocaust Studies Requirement in Catholic Schools

Vatican II Peritus: Because of "The Holocaust," Church Must Reinterpret Gospel

"Auschwitz: Beginning of a New Era?"

Pope Francis and the primacy of 'The Holocaust'


A 'Holocaust' liturgy for Catholic school children

It's Not Proper that "The Holocaust" Gets Special Billing

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Progressive 'Holocaust' Usury: a review

Given the great masses of Arabs and North Africans fleeing their homelands due to Zionist intrigue HEREHERE and HERE flooding into the European homeland, a review of Progressive 'Holocaust' usury may be in order. This topic was most clearly summarized by 'progressive' 'anti-Zionist' Phil Weiss at the 'National Summit to Reassess the U.S.—Israel "Special Relationship' in March of 2014 at which Mr. Weiss was invited to speak.

Recall that during a Q&A following a panel, a woman from the audience spoke impiously of 'The Holocaust' as functioning as cover for Zionist crimes with Jeffrey Blankfort adding some irreverent comments on the disproportion of 'Holocaust education' in taxpayer funded public schools. Unable to countenance this sacrilege, Phil Weiss' secular, progressive veneer was shattered and the true prelate of Holocaustianity emerged to censor the dangerous, heretical ideas being aired at this forum. 'Holocaust' acolyte, Justin Raimondo rent his garments in anguish; Phil joined with an affirmation of the true usurious 'Holocaust' faith:

I also take exception to the lady's comment. I don't think we should be problematizing the education of The Holocaust here. It's repulsive. You know, Anne Frank; it's a wonderful book. I don't care who tells you to read that book, if it's AIPAC, if it's the ADL, it's a wonderful book.

The one thing I will say: the West incurred a debt to The Jews from The Holocaust. The Palestinians paid for that. I think that one of the great discoveries of the last few years in Palestinian solidarity is the understanding that the West also has a debt to the Palestinians.

This instance of Phil Weiss heaping a collective debt, a two-fold blood libel upon 'the West' in its entirety, is context for my emphasis of the message that there are two sides to Judeo-supremacy; the well known side being the quest for a pure 'Jewish' state. The lesser discussed side of Judeo-supremacy is the attack on the cohesion of non-Judaic states, particularly European states. This instance falls into the latter category. It may not have been clear to viewers then, but in light of the progressive message that it's the responsibility of the European people to be flooded by victims of Zionist intrigue in the Middle East and North Africa, it should be crystal clear now.

This is also context for my reenforcement of the message that a true Christian examines his conscience frequently, while a true follower of the rabbis has no conscience but frequently scapegoats 'the Goyim.' "The West" is held responsible for every fantastical crime attributed to Hitler, who by any rational analysis bears more commonality with the racial-supremacist rabbis of Orthodox Judaism than Western Christendom. Christians do have, and should have a conscience. They should not let their consciences be abused by conscienceless 'Jews' bearing blood libels, however.

Could it be that the Palestinian solidarity movement's "recent great discovery" of "the debt" that "the West owes to 'The Jews' and the Palestinians" runs entirely consistant to the recent bolshevik takeover of the Palestinian solidarity movement by Judeo-supremacist progressives. I say that's a solid thesis.

It's the Golem-making tradition of Judaism, the minority mobocracy, to create allies, even zealous philo-Judaic crusaders out of individuals and groups only recently completely defrauded by 'Jews'; most notably descendants of black slaves who may well have arrived in the U.S., Caribbean, or South America on a Judaic slave ship or labored on a Judaic plantation, likely on fields that were cleared beforehand by white European slaves HERE if they didn't work right alongside white European slaves or even interbreed with them. Phil Weiss' self-serving “African-American values” which he contrives for African-Americans HERE would be utterly alien to the African slaves working alongside Irish slaves in the 17th century Caribbean or Virginia on Judaic plantations HERE.

Consider the characteristic chutzpah of 'Jews' to take upon themselves the role of leader of the Palestinian victims of 'Jews' and define the boundaries and parameters of how they may protest against 'Jews.' Of course these Palestinians are going to be functioning as Golems in no time. I recently saw a showcase Palestinian Golem proclaim that "white-only spaces are problematic." I searched high and low for a similar statement from this person that 'Jew'-only spaces (see: synagogues, or any given Judaic power organization) are problematic. This person seems to see no problem with 'Jew'-only leadership of Palestinian resistance to Judaic occupation! The benefits of controlled-opposition! Palestinian 'resistance' now is about collecting a debt which they only recently learned is owed to them by the West, but not 'the Jews' who holocausted them off their land. Judaic scapegoating par excellence!

And now we have millions of Arabs and North Africans for whom life has become impossible in their homelands (we are told), due to Zionist land grabs, Zionist terrorism, Zionist wars and Zionist-created Islamic terrorist groups. These Zionist-backed terror Golem groups are putting these refugees (with radicals mixed in) on boats and sending them to Europe to collect on that debt that 'the Jews' say is owed to them. The rabbis in Pope and Cardinal's clothing are accessories to this hate campaign of destruction of the European people and vestiges of Christendom. Most Europeans are too afraid of being called an 'anti-semite' or 'Islamophobe' to protect themselves, their nations and their great heritage from impending destruction.

This is all so transparent and simple yet so inaccessible to the television-fed intellect. It all hinges on the primacy of 'The Holocaust' which accounts entirely for the frantic reaction to 'Holocaust' impiety in the video below. Please consider doing your part in knocking 'The Holocaust' off its pedestal and into proportion with other human sufferings, for the good of humanity.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to have a private audience with Pope Francis on anniversary of Nostra Aetate

Like his predecessor Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (on right), current Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Ephraim Mirvis is Chabad on the inside HERE

The section of the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate pertaining to 'Jews' is a collaborative work between three Judaic subversive 'convert' priests HERE, two rabbis HERE, and a few nominally Catholic crypto-rabbis e.g. Cardinal Augustine Bea. Nevertheless, the document doesn't say what it's commonly claimed to say, that 'it absolves Jews for the crucifixion of Christ.' In fact, it blames Judaic leaders, like Chief Rabbi of Britain, Ephraim Mirvis, for calling for the crucifixion of Christ, which they certainly did, inciting the Jewish people to do the same. And indeed, Rabbi Ephraim's religion, Orthodox Judaism, takes full responsibility for the execution of Christ in its most sacred texts, which is why I confidently, unreservedly identify Orthodox Judaism as a Deicide religion HERE and you should too.

Orthodox Judaism is also a religion which calls for the destruction of Christian churches in its most sacred texts. And after pious 'Jews' burned the Church of the Multiplication in June and spray painted a passage from the Aleinu prayer on the church wall, a highly respected rabbi of Orthodox Judaism, Rabbi Bentzi Gopstein, upheld the orthodoxy of this terrorist act by citing the teachings of the codifier of Orthodox Judaism, Moses Maimonides mandating that 'idolatrous' Christian churches should be destroyed HERE.

I've asked Chief Rabbi of Britain, Ephraim Mirvis to respond to the burning of the Church of the Multiplication by pious followers of his religion, Orthodox Judaism HERE and elsewhere. To my knowledge He has not said a word about it. Mirvis has since taken time to comment on other events where he feels 'Goyim' should be blamed. But perhaps I shouldn't be too tough on Rabbi Mirvis because neither did Pope Francis utter a solitary word about the burning of the Church of the Multiplication by his brothers in the Deicide faith.

So there is a bit of context for the upcoming meeting between two rabbis of Deicide Judaism this Thursday at the Vatican, one of which wears a pope suit.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to have a private audience with Pope Francis on anniversary of Nostra Aetate

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is to have a private audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican on Thursday – his first meeting with the head of the Catholic Church.

He will be accompanied by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, on the visit, which has been scheduled ahead of next month’s 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking declaration on Jewish-Christian relations, Nostra Aetate.

Rabbi Mirvis said that “today we face challenges that could not have been accounted for by Nostra Aetate 50 years ago, such as the widespread secularisation of our society and the dramatic increase in prejudice against minority faith communities.”

He added that “We treasure the spirit of collaboration between our faiths and I look forward to discussing these and other pressing issues with Pope Francis.”

Nostra Aetate marked a sea-change in relations between Judaism and Christianity, reversing centuries of officially sanctioned antisemitism and absolving the Jews of collectively being responsible for the death of Jesus.

Private audiences with the Pope are relatively rare and Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks had just one during his tenure with Pope Benedict XVI