Friday, September 11, 2015

For 9-11: The technique and operation of the rabbinic ghetto protection racket which has taken the world hostage

Another 'Islamic' terrorist showcased by Rita Katz, another crypto-'Jew,' Joshua Ryne Goldberg

From the FBI criminal complaint against Joshua Ryne Goldberg filed 9/10/15:

I awoke this morning to a great blessing. The news that yet another 'Islamic' terrorist, "Australi Witness," showcased by the Judaic terror-monger Rita Katz is really a crypto-Judaic kid, Joshua Ryne Goldberg operating out of his family home. The FBI criminal complaint dated 9/10/15 against this crypto-Judaic terrorist Joshua Goldberg is HERE.

The Judaic terror merchant, self-proclaimed 'terror expert' of exceedingly questionable background, motives and claims, Rita Katz HERE has described Joshua Goldberg as operating from a "prestige" position in online jihadi circles who was, "part of the hard core of a group of individuals who constantly look for targets for other people to attack" HERE. Does anyone recall how Rita Katz showcased that other crypto-Judaic 'Islamic terrorist' Adam Perlman HERE who also operated from a prestige position, as a grandson of an ADL board member from California?

It may be worthwhile to dig a little further than the FBI and find out what lodges, Judaic power organizations and Israeli organizations or individuals are in Joshua Goldberg's circle.

Piece by piece, let's dismantle the terror protection racket that has taken the world hostage until future 9-11 memorials are transformed into celebrations of our liberation from ghetto protection rackets.

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Northsider said...

Christians only have themselves to blame. From one side of their mouths they lament the corrosive effects of the anti-Christian trash culture, while on the other they demand that all Christians give unquestioning trust to the propaganda channels of this culture. I came across an egregious example of this doublethink the other day on The Remnant Traditionalist Catholic blog. Christopher Ferrara, in the midst of a justified lament about the modernist leanings of Francis, simultaneously bragged that he himself had "denounced Bishop Williamson for his nutty conspiracy theories and holocaust revisionism long before he was expelled from the SSPX." So there you have it: by all means bemoan the corrupt ideology of our new masters, but never ever even insinuate that these people lie about matters of fact such as 9/11. If ever there were a sure-fire recipe for constant retreat this is it.

Anonymous said...


Just because they call themselves that doesn't mean that they are. Those who go to Churches that scream 'Works Salvation' or in Churches that are having pedophiles get married are likely not aware at all of the simple thing required for Salvation. They can't tell you the first thing about Christ.

You think George W Bush was a Christian? He said he was often enough. He also said once that the Muslim and Jewish gods are the same as the Christian God and that only 'good people' go to Heaven. Then he proceeded to bomb half the world but whatever. The point is that these "Christians" are liars and idiots. "Willfully ignorant" as The Bible says.

The Bible says that those who deny Creationism and The Flood are beyond help in those areas. Only way to save them is teaching Salvation. But if you see 'Christians' who teach Evolution or are openly praising faggots and pedophiles they are likely not even close to being Saved.

And they deserve Hell. They don't even open or read The Bible. Not a single sentence even. It takes only one minute to understand the Doctrine of Salvation. They won't take one second to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.....but you're worried about them taking 200 hours reading Holocaust and 9/11 revisionist literature? Never going to happen.

Maurice Pinay said...

Many people think they're saved by faith but simultaneously believe that 'the Holocaust' is the greatest sin imaginable; greater than the Crucifixion of Christ. They're afraid of preaching the true meaning of large portions of the Gospel, fearing it must be suppressed or it might cause 'another Holocaust.' They fear 'the Jews' more than they fear the Lord. I fear they're not on the path to salvation that they believe they're on.

Maurice Pinay said...

As you can see, Anonymous, September 12, 2015 at 9:07 PM, where I'm coming from isn't all that complicated. It took less than a minute to explain it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Sep 12. The people I was referring to in my earlier post do not in general deny the flood or creationism. They do however implicitly demand that we all give unconditional trust regarding matters of recent history and current news "events", to those who DO deny these things, and who also promote abortion, birth prevention, sexual perversion, paedophilia, pornography, usury, unjust genocidal wars, mass-invasion by non-Christians of formerly Christian lands, and many other evils. Not only that, they also use the same mode of cheap and nasty detraction against dissidents that trashy "Catholiphobe" Ziol-celebs like Bill Maher use: i.e., casting vulgar aspersions on the mental health of those who question the corporate trash narratives.

Northsider said...

The previous comment was in response to Anonymous Sep 12 was from me Northsider