Sunday, September 13, 2015

Meet the Satmar Haredi woman who manages risk for the NSA

This story is packaged to make it appear new and anomalous that a Hasidic individual would be involved in 'the intelligence community.' The truth is that the 'intelligence' and 'security' rackets have been essential components of the rabbinic ghetto as long as there have been rabbinic ghettos. The rabbinic ghetto figures prominently in the history of Western 'intelligence' to those who know the history.

Rabbinic ghettos have always been in contact with each other across nations and continents sharing common language, customs inaccessible to commoners and traditions with extreme emphasis on deceit and secrecy. They've been 'globalists' for centuries. Judaic traders have been learning languages of various 'Goy' nations to do business in 'markets' throughout the world.

This lifestyle by default brings knowledge with it of happenings in other nations which was of value to kings, prelates and rabbis elsewhere. The role of the 'court Jew' was often as an 'intelligencer' even when serving another primary role (physician, astrologer, etc.). The 'court Jew' played the balancing act of making himself useful to the Goy ruler or prelate by providing enough 'intelligence' on profit opportunities, plans of other rulers, etc. while gaining intelligence from the court to provide to his rabbi in the ghetto.

The ghetto has for centuries been at the nexus of international trade (including the drug trade), banking, intelligence, religious and cultural subversion and cosmopolitanism (see: Freemasonry) which is strong in port cities, centers of international trade. The trail leads from the Mediterranean; Rome, Venice, Florence, then generally northward landing in London and then the U.S. Northeast. This is the milieu of the 'intelligence community.' (Note, in this context, Pope Francis' emergence from the cosmopolitan port city of Buenos Aires).

It was not an overstatement when Joseph Lieberman, speaking at a Chabad banquet with former CIA Director James Woolsey in attendance, 'joked' that Chabad has a more extensive intelligence network than the CIA HERE.

The rabbinic tradition being one of instilling paranoia and fear of a world of genocidal enemies, out to kill you simply because you exist, Judaism is going to come more and more to the forefront in this 'war on terror' protection racket because the rabbinic ghetto is the alpha and omega of it HERE.

The meteor from Borough Park: Meet the Hasidic woman who manages risk for the NSA

Anne Neuberger was raised in an ultra-Orthodox family, but decided to break boundaries and develop her own career. As the National Security Agency's recently appointed chief risk officer, she talks to Ynet about her unusual life and the clash between individual rights and security.

Yitzhak Benhorin -Ynet


At the age of 31, she landed like a human meteor in Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' bureau in the Pentagon, and today, at the age of 39, Anne Neuberger holds a very senior position in the National Security Agency (NSA) ...

"My family is Satmar, old style Satmar. We speak Yiddish with a Hasidic heavy accent. I grew up in Borough Park. I went to Bais Yaakov a huge girls' school of 2,000 girls and to Bais Yaakov High School," she says.

"My father took a lot of pride in my ability and tried to find a way that would fit with our culture. My father was more open to it than my mother. She is more conservative that the woman's role is in the house. My mother never worked. In the Hungarian society, woman's work is a sign that the husband is not taking care of the family. My father always worked and was successful."

... [her parents were aboard plane involved in the Entebbe-hijacking which in all likelihood was an event, like the USS Liberty attack, staged by 'Israel' to cast itself as a great surmounter of Arab terror HERE]...

Anne applied and was surprised to be assigned to the Pentagon in Bob Gates' office. She was the first woman to serve as a special assistant to the secretary of defense. Gates tasked her with dealing with the issue of military vehicles which hit roadside bombs, which led to the massive killing of US soldier. Israeli vehicles produced by Rafael were introduced on the front and managed to deflect the power of the blasts and save soldiers' lives.

The secretary of defense asked her to look into Marines and Navy development plans in order to accelerate the production of these vehicles. He wanted to wave bureaucracy in order to launch a massive production of vehicles resistant to roadside bombs.

After completing that project, she was appointed special advisor to the secretary of Navy, where her job was to solve problems of failed projects and those which had exceeded their budgets.

In the Pentagon she made a name for herself as a brilliant problem solver, which led her to her next target: A member of the founding team of the National Cybersecurity Center. She introduced a number of initiatives for collaborations between private companies and the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.

From there, she was recruited by General Keith Alexander, who served as the NSA director, to join a small group working in his command.

What are you good at?

"People tell me that I am good in solving problems, breaking into pieces and getting a bunch of people to work together on really tough problems. I can take a big problem, break it into pieces and assemble people, assign them to the pieces and keep the big picture that we can get there.

"As chief risk officer, we set up a way and I look at risks. Operational risks, technical risks, strategic risks that our efforts will be disclosed. In any intelligence community, there is always this tension between how many brains you put on a problem. Sometime the more brain you put on a problem, the more likely you will solve it. On the other end, each additional person who knows about something adds risk. What's the right balance? That's one of the toughest problem in the intelligence community that we have to figure out."

She works from morning till night, but on Fridays she leaves the office early in order to get home before Shabbat. She says it's an interesting and great workplace with people from different backgrounds, but she never forgets where she came from. It's true that she doesn’t have time to bake cakes and challah for Shabbat, but she hasn't forgotten to do charity work.

Neuberger decided to use her status and knowledge to help Jewish Orthodox women to function in the 21th century. She started a charity for divorced haredi women called Sister to Sister. "We serve about 1,000 women in 30 different communities in the US in all kinds of different programs. We have 250 women volunteers. I founded and run the organization as a volunteer. The real work is done by a fantastic three full-time staff.

According to Neuberger, there are changes taking place in the haredi community. Women are going out to work. It's a process which is happening out of sight. She also supports several charity groups in Israel, mainly with training and help in getting jobs.

Several month ago, Neuberger traveled to Israel with her husband and two children to celebrate her son's bar miztvah at the Western Wall. After the event, they visited the Makom Balev program in Rehovot for children from a difficult background. Her son gave them the money he had received for his bar mitzvah.

She says Israel is beautiful, but expresses her disappointment over the rift between secular and haredi Jews as she has many secular and haredi, Jewish and non-Jewish friends in the country. The Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred, she notes, adding that in the Holocaust there was no distinction between religious and secular Jews.,7340,L-4699709,00.html


hereisjorgebergoglio said...

Netanyahu's Greetings for Rosh Hashana

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Jessica tisch in charge of counterterrorism for the NYPD.

Maurice Pinay said...

"Jessica tisch" a family well connected in every area of 'Goy' management; Orthodox Judaism, film, surveillance, Federal Reserve, ties to the Vatican, etc.

Nicholas Landholdt said...

The more I read of the SS control over the JewSA via Judaics, the more I lose hope. I know God and guns are the only hope left, but I don't see anyone else working towards that goal. The emasculated males have that deer in the headlights look. And the women...well, with the exception of the Woman clothed with the sun, women are not an option, even the femi-noids on the Right.

Loves my fellow man said...

I think the author has done an incredible job of bringing about the International war on peace being acerbated by those that worship money&their own right of superiority over basically everyone else who doesn't fit. The very thing that we as a species needs to most understated is that hate is paramount to an ongoing de-evolution process. I remember researching how and why jewish people were biased against so commonly in the 50's after we'd just came out of WW2 after viewing several movies on TCM. It didn't make any sense to me as a child of the 70's nor did any lingering anti-Semitic In recent times, So again I took to Google and found that some groups of christians held views that the jewish people were responsible for the death of Christ. Hate breeds hate instead of solving anything. Sadly, It feels as if our world is filled with contempt for our fellow man and hate like a virus spreads amongst us crippling any attempts to move beyond this mentality. If we are to ever move forward I truly believe like the author that history needs to be revised and those that are intent on furthering an agenda to keep the peoples of our world in the dark and at each other's throats should be the one's that are treated with suspicion as to their true agendas. Great treatment of a highly delcate subject, As well as enlightening.