Monday, September 7, 2015

Progressive 'Holocaust' Usury: a review

Given the great masses of Arabs and North Africans fleeing their homelands due to Zionist intrigue HEREHERE and HERE flooding into the European homeland, a review of Progressive 'Holocaust' usury may be in order. This topic was most clearly summarized by 'progressive' 'anti-Zionist' Phil Weiss at the 'National Summit to Reassess the U.S.—Israel "Special Relationship' in March of 2014 at which Mr. Weiss was invited to speak.

Recall that during a Q&A following a panel, a woman from the audience spoke impiously of 'The Holocaust' as functioning as cover for Zionist crimes with Jeffrey Blankfort adding some irreverent comments on the disproportion of 'Holocaust education' in taxpayer funded public schools. Unable to countenance this sacrilege, Phil Weiss' secular, progressive veneer was shattered and the true prelate of Holocaustianity emerged to censor the dangerous, heretical ideas being aired at this forum. 'Holocaust' acolyte, Justin Raimondo rent his garments in anguish; Phil joined with an affirmation of the true usurious 'Holocaust' faith:

I also take exception to the lady's comment. I don't think we should be problematizing the education of The Holocaust here. It's repulsive. You know, Anne Frank; it's a wonderful book. I don't care who tells you to read that book, if it's AIPAC, if it's the ADL, it's a wonderful book.

The one thing I will say: the West incurred a debt to The Jews from The Holocaust. The Palestinians paid for that. I think that one of the great discoveries of the last few years in Palestinian solidarity is the understanding that the West also has a debt to the Palestinians.

This instance of Phil Weiss heaping a collective debt, a two-fold blood libel upon 'the West' in its entirety, is context for my emphasis of the message that there are two sides to Judeo-supremacy; the well known side being the quest for a pure 'Jewish' state. The lesser discussed side of Judeo-supremacy is the attack on the cohesion of non-Judaic states, particularly European states. This instance falls into the latter category. It may not have been clear to viewers then, but in light of the progressive message that it's the responsibility of the European people to be flooded by victims of Zionist intrigue in the Middle East and North Africa, it should be crystal clear now.

This is also context for my reenforcement of the message that a true Christian examines his conscience frequently, while a true follower of the rabbis has no conscience but frequently scapegoats 'the Goyim.' "The West" is held responsible for every fantastical crime attributed to Hitler, who by any rational analysis bears more commonality with the racial-supremacist rabbis of Orthodox Judaism than Western Christendom. Christians do have, and should have a conscience. They should not let their consciences be abused by conscienceless 'Jews' bearing blood libels, however.

Could it be that the Palestinian solidarity movement's "recent great discovery" of "the debt" that "the West owes to 'The Jews' and the Palestinians" runs entirely consistant to the recent bolshevik takeover of the Palestinian solidarity movement by Judeo-supremacist progressives. I say that's a solid thesis.

It's the Golem-making tradition of Judaism, the minority mobocracy, to create allies, even zealous philo-Judaic crusaders out of individuals and groups only recently completely defrauded by 'Jews'; most notably descendants of black slaves who may well have arrived in the U.S., Caribbean, or South America on a Judaic slave ship or labored on a Judaic plantation, likely on fields that were cleared beforehand by white European slaves HERE if they didn't work right alongside white European slaves or even interbreed with them. Phil Weiss' self-serving “African-American values” which he contrives for African-Americans HERE would be utterly alien to the African slaves working alongside Irish slaves in the 17th century Caribbean or Virginia on Judaic plantations HERE.

Consider the characteristic chutzpah of 'Jews' to take upon themselves the role of leader of the Palestinian victims of 'Jews' and define the boundaries and parameters of how they may protest against 'Jews.' Of course these Palestinians are going to be functioning as Golems in no time. I recently saw a showcase Palestinian Golem proclaim that "white-only spaces are problematic." I searched high and low for a similar statement from this person that 'Jew'-only spaces (see: synagogues, or any given Judaic power organization) are problematic. This person seems to see no problem with 'Jew'-only leadership of Palestinian resistance to Judaic occupation! The benefits of controlled-opposition! Palestinian 'resistance' now is about collecting a debt which they only recently learned is owed to them by the West, but not 'the Jews' who holocausted them off their land. Judaic scapegoating par excellence!

And now we have millions of Arabs and North Africans for whom life has become impossible in their homelands (we are told), due to Zionist land grabs, Zionist terrorism, Zionist wars and Zionist-created Islamic terrorist groups. These Zionist-backed terror Golem groups are putting these refugees (with radicals mixed in) on boats and sending them to Europe to collect on that debt that 'the Jews' say is owed to them. The rabbis in Pope and Cardinal's clothing are accessories to this hate campaign of destruction of the European people and vestiges of Christendom. Most Europeans are too afraid of being called an 'anti-semite' or 'Islamophobe' to protect themselves, their nations and their great heritage from impending destruction.

This is all so transparent and simple yet so inaccessible to the television-fed intellect. It all hinges on the primacy of 'The Holocaust' which accounts entirely for the frantic reaction to 'Holocaust' impiety in the video below. Please consider doing your part in knocking 'The Holocaust' off its pedestal and into proportion with other human sufferings, for the good of humanity.


Anonymous said...

""The West" is held responsible for every fantastical crime attributed to Hitler, who by any rational analysis bears more commonality with the racial-supremacist rabbis of Orthodox Judaism than Western Christendom."

What "rational analysis" is that? What are Hitler's race crimes?

Would you be referring to the same Hitler whose symbol was the Hooked Cross and died a believing Christian? Who had black and African Nazis fighting for him and willing to die for their common cause? I guess Black Nazis are some sort of antisemitic myth? The same Hitler, who had the Black American Olympic athletes say that Hitler and his Nazis treated them better than Americans back home did? Hitler who had a Jewish doctor honored and kept in contact with because the doctor (Eduard Bloch) helped Hitler's mother in a time of need?

Hitler who refused to break up Jewish families who were being put into labor....oh excuse me 'DEATH' camps? Why do you think Jews were kept together in the concentration camps? You think it's because they'd work more efficiently? WRONG. Another lie. They were kept TOGETHER so that after the War they'd leave Germany together as a family and take their entire Jewish lineage with them. The same Hitler who had Zionist coins minted to avoid another World War over selfish Jewish interests? The same Hitler who didn't tax any Jews leaving Germany to encourage them to leave peacefully before a War broke out?

The same Hitler who was so culturally anti-Jewish that he predicted that Jews would use the "Big Lie" technique to fool the masses. What lies do you think he was referring to? He was warning about the next 'Big Lie' for sure. The Holocaust™. The one that would justify the next great War. But he knew that the Jews were behind so many other lies including the biggest of all. The one that they learned from their father. The father of lies. That Jesus Christ isn't the Lord and Savior.

The same Hitler who attacked the Synagogue of Satan's spread of smoking and alcohol, of pornography, child pornography, and animal abuse? Hitler PRACTICED what he PREACHED. He was a vegetarian and hardcore anti-smoker. He MATCHED his laws. He was no hypocrite like our modern leaders. And Christianity was LAW in Germany. You think Hitler was not a Christian? How dare you? How? Almost one-third of the SS were not even Germany born and there were SS groups that were Muslim and Indian.

He was as Christian as anyone alive during his adult years. As Christian as you are. Have you seen his quotes on Christianity and Christ? Hitler was no pagan. Despite your LIES and Michael Hoffman's disgusting failure to understand who and what Hitler was. There are some of us out there who have seen past ALL of the Jewish lies and not just SOME. I can't believe I have to leave a comment like this on your site. I come here to see the Synagogue of Satan ATTACKED. Not have their lies SPEWED forth from the mouths of Christians.

The EVIDENCE of Hitler not being Christian comes from the same people who brought to you The Holocaust™.

Anonymous said...

"Christians do have, and should have a conscience."

Having a conscience and morals is one thing. But the Synagogue of Satan's power is nearing its peak. They are beyond dangerous now. Nuclear weapons. You have no idea how dangerous they are. You think the Samson Option is for defense? It is for their ATTACK. These Khazars have MASTERED the False Flag Operation. No doubt that they envision a future where they get to pour their own wrath on the world before God can.

Look where we are now. Is is literally DANGEROUS to voice an opinion being against sodomite marriage as you might lose your job and livelihood...even if it is an Executive (CEO) level position. What Tribulations will we face in the future to defend the faith? Can Christianity be defended against nuclear weapons? Or are we truly living in the end times?

"They should not let their consciences be abused by conscienceless 'Jews' bearing blood libels, however."

Like you Blood Libel the Germans and Hitler? You're probably saved and going to Heaven for being a believer in Christ and his sacrifice. I can't imagine that the writer of this blog is somehow faking being Christian. But, you'll get their and see Hitler and lots of other Germans who

Maurice Pinay said...

I've spoken impiously of a figure you hold very dear apparently. Hitler was very P.R. conscious. The large collection of staged phitos of him with deer and children etc, etc, etc, remind me of another image-obsessed, manipulative madman, L Ron Hubbard. I'm sorry to see you've been taken in by this anti-Christ fraud.

Anonymous said...

It is you who are the fool. Brainwashed by the lies of the Jewish educational leaders. You are still under their influence.

Why did Hitler appear with animals? You think it was all political? He appeared with animals because he was an animal lover. A vegetarian. Who practiced what he preached. Who passed laws against animal experimentation and animal cruelty. He was an honest man with full support of nearly everyone in Germany. He did not need the charades and games of our modern leaders who get far less than half of their country to vote for them. Hitler was as open as anyone who has held higher office.

Look at his quotes about the Jews and Christianity that are NEVER shown in the mainstream media. They'll give you fake "Table Talk" quotes or assign the "Big Lie" technique directly to Hitler. Because they fear an honest look at Hitler as much as you do. Because Hitler was and forever will be connected to Christianity. And he will be in Heaven. You are afraid that Hitler being Christian will hurt Christianity.

If Hitler was such an antichrist then where is the direct evidence? Show me that Hitler was an antichrist and I will change my mind just as I once changed my mind about the Holocaust being real.

What evidence is there? That the Jews won the War? So what? That means nothing. That the Jews got Israel after WWII? That Germany was destroyed? That simply means that the Jews won World War II just as they are "winning" the War on Terror now by destabilizing and destroying the world. The Bible says that the many antichrists will gather in the final days but that in the end God and Jesus Christ and the believers ultimately win.

Comparing Hitler to anyone is a poor argument. What is the direct evidence? Not just throwing out some lunatic like Mr. Scientology and saying "Hitler was just like him". Fake "Table Talk" quotes? Jewish propaganda? Scientology? Who is this Pagan Hitler?

Anonymous said...

Currently German media are reporting that according to the Jewnited Nations aka U.N. the Gaza Stripe will be uninhabitable in 2020.

UNO: Gazastreifen könnte bis 2020 "unbewohnbar" werden

"Gaza bis 2020 unbewohnbar"

Half of the Palestinians want to move (to Germany) according to this report.

Anti-Nazi Trad said...

Anonymous 12:26, some observations: The Swastika, or "hooked cross" as you call it, is a symbol strongly connected to South Asian paganism and has no roots in Christianity (as a Catholic, I equate Christianity with Catholicism since true Christianity can only be found in the Catholic Church). How can you actually say that he died a believing "Christian" when, according to general narrative, he committed suicide? Have you ever heard of the massive persecution of the Catholic Church under the Nazi Regime and the countless priests that died in the concentration camps, were executed after staged trials or died in prison, such as Fr. Jakob Gapp, SM, Fr. Angelus Steinwender, OFM or Abbot Bernhard Burgstaller, O.Cist., just to name a few? I strongly encourage you to read the book "The Persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich" which was penned by Msgr. Johannes Neuhäusler (as "Anonymous"), an Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising who himself was incarcerated in the Dachau concentration camp's prison aka "der Bunker" from 1941 to 1945.

The Third Reich was a huge anti-Christianity campaign. The SS weekly "Das schwarze Korps" was known for its rabid anti-Catholic propaganda and had a run of 750,000 issues by 1944. It is very ironic that you bring up "anti-pornography" since the Nazis didn't favor traditional marriage. They just wanted Germans to breed, whether married or not. According to a German documentary I once saw, the Nazis even produced their own porn. That was the Germany of the Austrian Adolf Hitler.

Btw, being a non-smoker and vegetarian isn't necessarily an expression of Christianity. Pope St. Pius X smoked and he probably ate meat, too.

I virtually could go on for hours, but I have to ask you to do your own research. Please try the book I mentioned. It will be a real eye-opener.

Anonymous said...

The devastation in Gaza is resulting from three “military conflicts” between the IDF and Hamas according to JPOST.

UN: Gaza Strip could become uninhabitable by 2020 uninhabitable within five years unless Israeli restrictions on goods and people going in and out of the Strip are fully lifted, warns a new report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, located in Geneva.

The population of the small coastal enclave is rising, but vital resources such as water and electricity are decreasing, said the report, which was drafted in July but released on Tuesday. Donor funding is helpful, but cannot salvage the situation without the restoration of the Gaza economy, the report said.

Already in 2012, a UN study predicted that Gaza’s population would increase from 1.6 million in 2011 to 2.1 million in 2020, the report said. It added that “for Gaza to be a livable place in 2020 ‘herculean efforts’ needed to be accelerated in such sectors as health, education, energy, water and sanitation. However, instead of such efforts, the tragedy in Gaza has deteriorated and its de-development was accelerated by destruction in 2014.”

Israeli border restrictions, along with the physical devastation resulting from the three military conflicts between the IDF and Hamas in the last eight years, have harmed the economy so much that Palestinians living there are more impoverished in 2015 than they were before the Oslo Accords, the report said. (...)

Maurice Pinay said...

Anonymous, a great portion of internet 'conservativism' has been swept up in this Hitler revivalism honoring the disastrous, less than 10 year reign of an anomalous figure as if it was the pinacle 2000 years of Western Christian achievement. Contrary to your confusion, it is is exactly this terrible slander against Christendom which 'Jewish educational leaders' would have us believe and which you have bought lock, stock and barrel. This forum is for a restoration of Christendom in the mind and spirit of Christ, the Apostles, Church Fathers and Doctors, etc., who built it, not disastrous, utopian pretenders.

Anonymous said...

Maurice, there are countless sections in The Bible that deal with being a False Accuser. And it being one of the worst things you can be. It is a terrible sin to falsely accuse someone of something.

You think I care about 'conservatism'? Or that people who recognize Hitler's Christianity are at all connected to the 'conservative' movement? 'Conservatism' is nothing more than Zionism, Bolshevism, Mormonism, and whatever other 'ism' that the Jews are using to steer people away from Christianity. Hitler died knowing that National Socialism was a failure to stop the Jews. But he died a Christian as well. A fool thinks Hitler was perfect. He lost. But tons of Christians including some of greatest went on to become martyrs or die without completing their mission.

All I'm asking is for you to provide hard evidence that Hitler was not a Christian. Same way I ask the Khazars to provide hard evidence of the Holocaust. I used to think Hitler was a genocidal Holocaust maniac pagan. But then I read a few revisionist books and saw the truth.

"....disastrous, utopian pretenders."


Maurice Pinay said...

All I'm asking is for you to provide hard evidence that Hitler was not a Christian.


I have no interest in Hitler revivalism. Please leave me out of it.

Anonymous said...

Zionist Lobby Staging New Attacks against Pro-Palestinian American Author
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Zionist lobby in the US has begun a new wave of attacks on the Pulitzer Prize-winning black author and essayist Alice Walker for supporting the Palestinians in her new book titled 'The Cushion in the Road' and also writing a letter to the American singer Alicia Keys asking her not to travel to Israel.

aeiou said...

To the victor go the spoils. Almost everything in the official thus the common narrative about WWII are lies of degrees; propaganda, biases, prejudices, misinformation, disinformation, misinterpretations, cover-ups, vainglories et cetera. All involved nations had reasons and mutual reasons to enhance and to lie. The way forward depended on it. But look! Where have all the nations gone?

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Mr X said...

Hitler was a vegetarian?

That is a strong argument for him being a crypto Jew, not an animal lover, according to the following:

Back on 26 December 2009, I noted that Hitler, like racist jewish supremacist Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, was a vegetarian and I pointed out that a Jew named Anan Ben David long ago declared that the only kosher meats following the destruction of the temple and exile of the jews are deer, pigeon and turtle-dove, the only meats Hitler would eat


There is more here:

and here:

Can Maurice, Michael Hoffman, or anyone else back up or refute this?