Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The reestablished Sanhedrin is pursuing the genocidal messianic plan of Maimonides

Pope John Paul II was an enthusiast of Maimonidian messianism HERE.


Michael Hoffman said...

This rabbi is clever because in this talk he peppers it with references to Moses, Deuteronomy and claims that rabbis are not allowed to lie — and similar misleading verbiage. The references to Maimonides are key because in Judaism the Old Testament is filtered through the doctrines of men, like Maimonides, who declared that King David asked for permission of the Sanhedrin before he went to war, which is a lie. The rabbi in the video also says that rabbis can’t make their own (divine) laws. Another lie. Maimonides concocted his own laws, ascribed them to the Old Testament and persuaded rabbinic Judaism to believe him, which they still do of course as this video shows.

The rabbi in the video calls for the death of our President Obama if Obama does not follow the seven laws, one of which is against idolatry and by definition worshipping Jesus is idolatry in Judaism. As the rabbi in the video noted, the 7 Laws do not allow churches of the true Christians; so where there are such churches the Israelis will go to war as they plan to make war in Iran, no doubt using John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ben Carson or Hillary Clinton to dispatch the American military as Israeli proxies; which is the role the US served in Iraq.

I have seen nothing in the establishment news media about this rabbi in Jerusalem threatening the life of Obama (he also cast the pope in an ominous light early in his talk). This rabbi is a futurist. He would never kill Obama or the pope now — they are doing too much good work for counterfeit Israel. But when their usefulness is up, then their time on earth will also be up, unless they convert to the Judaism-for-gentiles known as the Seven Noahide Laws (this is not a reference to the Noah of the Bible but the counterfeit Noah of the Talmud and Midrash).

Robert Pickle said...

Mr. Hoffman,

May I use your reply at www.noahidenews.com ?

Robert Pickle

Anonymous said...

He forgot to say that Maimonides expected the US to pick up all Noahide tabs.

Anonymous said...

And Cardinal Bergoglio earned the Maimonides Award.


Robert Pickle said...

E Mail to Sanhedrin.