Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Yiddish Muslim Invasion of Europe

'Secular progressive Jews' are misrepresenting a video as depicting "Palestinian refugees sing along to Yiddish tune Oyfn Veg, Shteyt a Boym." What the video actually depicts is a Yiddish man named Hans Breuer singing a Yiddish song to a van load of Muslims he's smuggling into Europe, and then prompting them to sing along a simple refrain which he apparently taught them.

Hans Breuer is a self-described, Austria-based, Yiddish wandering shepherd and legal expert at circumventing European law HERE. He will, no doubt, exploit that expertise to great effect in permanently transplanting the Syrian-Palestinian Muslims he's transporting away from their homeland, which his fellow Yids are stealing from them, to Europe which his fellow Yids have explained "owes a debt to the Palestinians" HERE. This concept: 'Europe owes a debt to the Palestinians for the crimes of Zionist Jews' is something I call 'Holocaust usury' which is a derivation of the religion of Orthodox Judaism which travels heavily in scapegoating and which also mandates that usury is to be exacted from 'Goyim' only, not 'Jews' HEREHERE and HERE.

Hans Breuer's activism is typical of 'secular progressive' Judaism; little more than harsh words for the Zionists they allegedly oppose but severe browbeating, scapegoating and debt collection for Europeans who they ACT against in radical, destructive ways.

There is a somewhat mitigating explanation for this; that the 'Jews of conscience' are relocating the Palestinians to Europe because it would be too dangerous to relocate them to their actual homeland of 'Jew'-occupied Palestine. Indeed, but then doesn't this belie the underlying pretext of essentially every Judaic do-gooder organization in existence; that 'Jews' must protect the minority from European dominance, bigotry and oppression?

People of European descent are fast becoming a minority on their own land in no small part due to the policy and acts of Judaic do-gooders (whose 'good' deeds usually end up benefitting the tribe). Who will protect Europeans and Europe-descended people from them?


annely said...

"Zombie Catholicism" in France? The Vicar in Rome? Ireland? No one?

Maurice Pinay said...

"Zombie Catholicism" in France?


This is a 'progressive Judaic' epithet for 'Cultural Catholics.' They're very impatient with the remaining traces of Catholicism in France, Regardless of what merit 'Cultural Catholicism' may have, the same description 'Cultural Jews' describes the bearers of that hateful term perfectly; they have no faith, but the traditional hatred of the 'Goy' will not die in too many of them.

banned? said...

Seems like they wont have to endure ZC too much longer. This is informative On Jews, History and Refugees: Occidental Observer9-15-2015.