Monday, October 12, 2015

The Passion of Pope Francis' Hasidic 'Jesus'

Hasidic 'Jesus' is kidnapped, suffocated to death and his body is thrown into a dumpster and lit on fire at a Queens gas station. Hasidic 'Jesus,' a slumlord, loanshark and serial schemer, ripped off so many people that investigation for a motive for his killing leads detectives down a million paths. But Pope Francis and his brothers in the Hasidic faith know the true motive for the Passion of Hasidic 'Jesus:' the wicked Goyim killed him because "he was a Jew," just as 'The Jews' are always persecuted; for no other reason than that 'they are Jews.'

The Passion of Hasidic 'Jesus' is reported sensationally in the New York Post and soon after forgotten by the Goyim. But in the ghetto, the Passion of Hasidic 'Jesus' is embroidered and elaborated upon with each syrupy retelling until it is finally written down in a scroll and added to the great rabbinic canon of 'Toyrah.'

By his predation of the Goyim and Judaic freiers (suckers), Hasidic 'Jesus' brought redemption (money) to the ghetto; to the rabbis most of all, through tzedakah (yiddish mafia 'charity') HERE.

So, the Goyim killed Hasidic 'Jesus' only 'because he was a Jew.' Thus ends the Passion of Hasidic 'Jesus.'

Proof texts:

Pope Francis to have a private viewing of his favorite painting, "White Crucifixion" by Lubavitcher Marc Chagall

Mourning Shylock

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a***ly said...

The Title of the book that you cited From Rebel to Rabbi: Reclaiming Jesus and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture,, says it all.. 'Look What They've Done to My Lord'.

*****y said...

A person who is fairly trusted about research into the inordinate influence of Jews said that 95% of the world's Jews are Orthodox Jews. Can this be close to true?

Maurice Pinay said...

Not to my observation. It will eventually be true at the current trajectory of birthrate disparity between Orthodox and non-Orthodox, Chabad proselytism and 'Christian' adulation of Judaism.

CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

The talmudists don't really need superiority in numbers to overwhelm the rest of the world. They own the money system so it's all a 'done deal'.

I found this blog and thought it indicates exactly where most of those who call themselves 'jews' stand in regard to the goy and it also speaks to what they've done to, in masonic parlance, 'make it so'.

Of course, if a Catholic were to use talmudist icons to poke fun at or to speak a truth about talmudists, that would be grounds to call the person an anti-semitic hater.

CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

Also, from the same talmudic blogger:

His very short review of a book about Pollard calls the book 'shoddy, self-serving, and misleading'. He claims to have worked to lobby on behalf of Pollard's release. And he perfunctorily proclaims 'the new enemy' as being the 'Islamic axis'.

****l* said...

Thanks Maurice Pinay. Perhaps he meant that 95% self-classify as orthodox despite (whatever}. In 'progressive' societies the others are greater in number. But yes 95% is a stark calculation. Perhaps I misheard. I'll try to retrace this talk. You are surely right about the trajectory. There is no question that duplicitous Judaics in the popular mind of modernity have hijacked our Jesus.

ylenna said...

No I didn't mishear. He refers to "anti-Zionist" Jews being promoted as "real" Jews/Torah Jews, and says Torah Jews are a miniscule sect. He obviously differentiates Torah Jews and O or o O (o)rthodox Jews who are 95% of world Jewry (he said). In another talk he says 99% of synagogues support Israel (Zionism). Well I don't know but as I say he is fairly trusted and very dedicated to exposing world Jewish 'supremacy'.