Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ever deepening 'Judeo-Christian relations' rudely shoves Jesus Christ out of the picture

“Nostra Aetate established a new era of friendship in Catholic-Jewish relations, and nowhere is that more evident than here in New York. My thanks to AJC for this honor, and, even more, for the spirit of brotherhood that they do so much to promote,” said Cardinal Dolan.

The AJC is a Judeo-supremacist bolshevik organization with a deep hatred for Christ which advances its destruction of the formerly Christian West through 'dialogue,' 'friendship,' 'brotherhood,' 'deepening relations' and other such disarming ruses. Cardinal Dolan is their New York-based satrap.

Note, in the image above, how Cardinal Dolan hides the cross of Christ in deference to the AJC's great hatred of Christ and His symbol. This makes the AJC 'Jews' happy; look at their broad smiles. Look at Cardinal Dolan's lockjaw, gun-pointed-at-his-head 'smile.'

Satraps tend to hate their overlords. I'll bet Cardinal Dolan secretly hates the AJC and their incessant, overbearing, unreasonable demands, leveraging and blackmail. But 'relations with the Jews' keeps him well fed and 'successful' which is what matters most to bloated scoundrels like Cardinal Dolan. Rosaries and preaching the unvarnished Gospel don't bring the kind of 'success' Dolan craves.

So, go on, hide your cross, throw your arm around a 'Jew' and 'smile' Cardinal Dolan. To some observers, your loathing of the overlord 'Jews' you pretend to love is equally apparent as your contempt for the gullible sheep in the pews beneath you. You won't preach the real Gospel to either of them.

Christ is as absent from Cardinal Dolan's big picture as He is from the image above.

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