Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas wishes from 'Israel'

““Christmas has no place in the Holy Land, Let us remove the [Christian] vampires before they once again drink our blood.” says 'brother in the faith,' Rabbi Benzi Gopstein (Source)

Murderous, State-sponsored Orthodox rabbi Benzi Gopstein is funded by Judeo-supremacist 'Israel' and by the Florida-based multibillionaire Falic family, owners of Duty Free Americas who are also contributors to John Hagee's Ignoramus Churchgoers United for Counterfeit Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu HERE. Please pass this information on and consider not spending any money at their places of business.

Below is video of Rabbi Gopstein spreading his holy blessings:

Rabbi Gopstein received some attention, but definitely not enough, for his support for burning of churches in the 'Holy Land' in August 2015 after the Church of the Multiplication was burned by pious Orthodox 'Jews.' HERE. We then noted that Rabbi Gopstein cited as support the codifier of Orthodox Judaism, Moses Maimonides who did in fact rule that Christian churches should be destroyed HERE.

Contrary to popular opinion, Rabbi Gopstein is not a fringe element. He's not an extremist. He's an Orthodox Rabbi who piously follows the teachings of messianic dispensation Orthodox Judaism as codified by Maimonides. He has multibillionaire funders who run 'respectable' businesses in the U.S. and worldwide. He's sponsored and funded by the Israeli state and has many followers who commit murder and arson with impunity. If you take the time to view images of their token arrests for questioning you'll invariably see smirks on their faces because they know they can get away with murder.

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