Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How equality, fraternity, and liberty fare in Judaism

Judeomasonry is about getting non-Judaic individuals to act against their common interest for the common interest of 'Jews' who regard them as animals:
And now for the question of how equality, fraternity, and liberty fare in Judaism. As to equality and fraternity, from time immemorial support can be found in our heritage for not seeing the Gentile as equal in standing to the Jew. It is no small matter to say, You are called human (adam) while the idol worshippers (ovdei kokhavim) are not called human (TB Yevamot 61) and there is a version adding here but, rather, animals; or to believe truly that Thou hast chosen and sanctified us from all nations (Pilgrimage Holiday prayer).

The Jew who believes in his chosenness inclines to think of others according to a suggestion drawn [by Judeo-supremacist rabbis ed.] (as in TB Kiddushin 69) from the words spoken by Abraham to his young men prior to the sacrifice of Isaac): Stay here with the ass (Genesis 22: 5); namely, that we are concerned with a people who resemble an ass (or, as believed by Maimonides and most Jewish scholars in the Middle Ages, that all wisdom and science had at first been known only by the Jews but fell among them into oblivion in the length of days and when the foolish nations ruled us (Maimonides, Guide of the Perplexed 1, 71). And as to Abraham ha ivri (the Hebrew), it is said in the Midrash that the entire world is on one side, while he is on the other. (The translation of the Hebrew word ha ivri may be rendered as he who comes over from the other side.)

Joseph David: The State of Israel: Between Judaism and Democracy


annely said...

A person named David Duke, by the Chosen Ones aka Jews called a racist white supremacist will be the death of a person named Donald Trump in his presidential bid say the Chosen Ones. How do they get away with it?

Anonymous said...

They own the media and central banking systems. (That's how they get away with everything)