Sunday, March 27, 2016

The collective guilt canard

The pharisaic class unceasingly scolds 'the Goyim' for making any generalized statement critical of 'Jews,' however the rabbis themselves impose a crushing collective guilt upon 'the Jews' which has no parallel in any other religious or ethnic tradition:

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Geremia said...

This seems related to Matt. 27:25: "And the whole people answering [Pilate] said, 'His blood be upon us and upon our children.'"

The Haydock Commentary says:

Ver. 25. All the people answered: his blood be upon us, and upon our children which continues, saith St. Jerome, to this day. Then Pilate delivered to them Jesus to be crucified. (Witham) --- This blasphemous prayer continues to this day, and will continue a protracted curse upon the Jews, and upon their posterity. (Origen) --- Behold the insanity of the Jews! Their passion and pertinacious obstinacy will not suffer them to see and understand: they draw down curses upon themselves in these terrible imprecations: his blood be upon us and upon our children. Still the God of all mercies did not literally comply with their impious prayer. For, of these children he selected some for himself; amongst the rest even Paul, and many thousands who were converted at Jerusalem. (St. Chrysostom)

Maurice Pinay said...

Coincidence of Contradictories: “The Jews killed Jesus” is simultaneously an expression of Judaic Orthodoxy (BT, Sanhedrin 43A) and a damnable ‘charge of deicide’ causing ‘centuries of pogroms and decimation culminating in The Holocaust'

Anonymous said...

US leaders capitulate to Zionist lobby group AIPAC

Geremia said...

Many U.S. politicians, past and present, have dual citizenship with the State of Israel (i.e., Counterfeit Israel).

JFK didn't even have Vatican citizenship, yet he had to say his religion will not influence his politics. These Israeli-U.S. dual-citizenship politicians haven't apologized for letting Talmudic ideology influence their politics, have they?

(Re: Gabby Giffords being on that list: she was both an out-of-state rep and a politician with split, U.S.-Counterfeit Israel allegiance!)

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

“The Jews killed Jesus” is simultaneously an expression of Judaic Orthodoxy (BT, Sanhedrin 43A) and a damnable ‘charge of deicide’ causing ‘centuries of pogroms and decimation culminating in The Holocaust'

Nazi war crimes were not a holocaust and it is an abomination to claim they were.

THE Holocaust was the Pluperfect Sacrifice of Our Lord and Saviour, , Jesus Christ, on Calvary where His fiery love (or burning charity, if you wish) stood in place of the fire and the Holocaust on Calvary was the perfect fulfillment of the Old Testament Types which prepared the faithful Jews to accept Jesus as the Messias.

However, the Messias-Deniers did not accept Jesus and killed hIm and that crime of Deicide is not only the worst crime ever, it is a crime so evil that no crime equal to it or no crime greater than it can even be imagined.

Had the Nazis/ killed every single person on earth and had they collectively committed suicide, their actions would not even be visible as a grain of sand on the largest beach imaginable when compared to Deicide

The White Crucifixion is the artistic expression of the Messias-Deniers supplanting the real Holocaust with the faux holocaust and it is owing to ecumenism (the Universal Solvent of Tradition) that the Church has allowed the substitution to be realised and it must be warred against - tooth and nail- ever time it reveals its evil face.

Anonymous said...

How will there ever be a Catholic restoration when all knees must bend before the Synagogue? I sometimes wonder what all those "Traditional Catholic" forums are all about.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of guilt,I wonder if Jorge has any guilt over the Valid Priest murdered in France yesterday.
Jorge has been a staunch advocate of non Catholic immigration into the former Catholic Western Nation's.

Anonymous said...

When you say 'Traditional Catholic Forums',are you referring to the internet sites that are threads of various topics being discussed?
If that's what you are referring to,I had a bad experience on one of the forums.
It's truly troubling and eye opening to witness grown adults over 40 year's old literally acting like 14 yr old children.
Secondly,it seems that if one doesn't tow the party line of the Forums administrator's,thoughts,idea's,and facts will not be allowed nor tolerated.
I was banned from a forum for simply pointing out historical fact's.
The Blessed Lord Jesus Christ saved me from spending obscene amounts of time on those forums.(great learning experience...If grown adults can't peacefully coexist and exchange ideas on a simple internet forum without attacking and sarcastically pratonizing each other,saving the Roman Catholic church and Western civilization is a pipe dream.