Friday, July 29, 2016

Normally chatty Pope Francis was silent at Auschwitz for purpose of Kabbalistic 'reversal of all religiously established values'

Pope Francis never stops babbling in the context of Christian themes he seeks to confuse. At Auschwitz on July 27, 2016, Pope Francis was uncharacteristically silent. There's a theological, dispensational reason for this drawn from Francis' religion, Haredi Judaism.

From The Shriek of Silence: A Phenomenology of the Holocaust Novel, by David Patterson:

Monday, July 4, 2016

Elie Wiesel, Pope Francis & the rich, Orthodox Judaic tradition of arguing with, and 'defeating God' at trial

"My children have defeated me"

Pope Francis recently offered another sign of his adherence to Orthodox Judaism with his comment that he has the audacity to rebuke Jesus and has done so throughout his life, even as Pope:

What Francis refers to here is the essential rabbinic tradition, 'audacity towards heaven' (chutzpah kelapei shemaya), meaning to rebuke, or even put God on trial.

Readers may recall previous discussion on the lawyerly, courtroom metaphysics of Judaism at the heart of Judaism's 'high holy days' HERE. I imagine that it might shock even readers who've some understanding of Judaism to find that it espouses the presumption that 'Jews' can confuse, deceive, rebuke, and even put God on trial, defeat Him in debate (Bava Mezia 59b) and thereafter have God as their humble student who needs to be redeemed by them, but so it is. And such is the megalomaniacal foundation for so much insufferable Judaic behavior owing to the rabbis who've inculcated this cosmic arrogance throughout history. If 'the Jews' can defeat God with their (allegedly) superior arguments, what match is 'the Goyim' for these above-divinity lawyers? They're simply to be ignored, or at most shoved aside.

It is a fundamental Hasidic dictum that, "It is against the Creator of the universe and the Lord of history that accusation must be hurled." HERE

From Arguing with God: A Jewish Tradition by Anson Laytner pp. 216-217

Also see: Fr. John Pawlikowski "I am close to the stage [of Hasidic Hermeticism] Elie Wiesel has reached ... Wiesel is prepared to say that human acts of justice and compassion help to liberate God"