Saturday, May 6, 2017

Nostra Aetate: A Microcosm

'Father' Kurt Hruby, the Destroyer

Paul Démann, Geza Vermés, Kurt Hruby (of Notre Dame de Sion fame) were Hungarian 'Jews' of egregiously conflicted interests who 'converted to Catholicism,' became priests, laid the groundwork for Vatican II and Nostra Aetate, and once their work was done, 'converted back to Judaism' (Kurt Hruby opted to continue his priestly ruse).

The following passage is from Geza Vermés' book, Providential Accidents: An Autobiography. He is speaking of his fellow 'convert to Catholicism' Fr. Kurt Hruby. While reading it, bear in mind 'Father' Hruby's illustrious rabbinic ancestry.

These are hardly the only 'Jews' of conflicted interests involved in the Vatican II neo-Bolshevik revolution.

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hereisjorgebergoglio said...

more on the duplicitous pseudo-Catholic Kurt Hruby

“One has to safeguard Jewish identity in circumstances often difficult and obscure.”
- Kurt Hruby quoted in Jewish Identity, p.18 -


“His ministry called him to be the first responsible, in France, of the Catholic Episcopal Committee for relations with Judaism. He wrote an appreciable number of articles and courses - unfortunately dispersed - he participated in the New Catholic Encyclopedia and the Dictionary of Religions . He also wrote about the true meaning of Kabbalah and the tradition of Rabbi Luria of Safed. He was also a man of great charity, Jewish and Christian. He never closed his door to priests of Jewish origin who had left the ministry and the Church, often after the Holocaust. Today, this aspect may seem unpopular. It is fundamental.”


“In line with the spirit of "reparation" that animated him, he translated from Yiddish certain texts of the Rebbe of Breslov ( Uman ). That seems to me to be a sign. For the Reb Nahman of Breslov wrote the " Tikkun klali - תיןוכ כללי - Repair in Totality", which believes that some psalms have the opportunity to bring to the world a little of this immense joy of faith.”

source: Appendix: Brief biography of Fr. Kurt Hruby, by Fr. Alexandre Abraham Winogradsky


more garbage from this Talmudist

Kurt Hruby expert at Vatican II and friend of La Contre-Réforme catholique

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this,I have no knowledge of these "men"
This reaffirms my belief of the Novus Ordo being a non-catholic sect who successfully hijacked and now control one of the oldest largest organizations and their properties.

Dante Ardenz said...

People must throw out all misconceptions about Judaism,if having any endorsing attitude. Judaism instruct it's adherents to be practice deception . Any,and all method deployed to protect ,and advance the " Chosen People "of an exclusive tribal God ,who's principal name is Yaweh ( See Yaweh God Of The NWO You Tube ) who's mission is to put His people first : That means ALL Gentiles out ; ALL. Christ is considered," Another God ". His message NOT Judaic period . The Jews goal at Vatican 2 was to destroy Christ's New Covenant making Him an agent of the Jews ,and not a break from them . Christ warned us ,but learn : * All that is hidden shall be revealed".